MSP Ignition! Resources

Episode 21 – Marketing Messaging: Breaking Through the Noise

In Episode 21, Tom Watson and the team at Your Sales Energy show you how to dial in your marketing messaging.

Episode 20 – Identify and Target Ideal Prospects

Axcient’s Tom Watson alongside J.P. and Jamie of Your Sales Energy   demonstrate how to build out a client profile. They’ll show you why you should identify and target ideal prospects, what steps you can take in the planning phase, and what tools you need to get the job done.

Episode 19 – Developing an Evolved Marketing Strategy

In Episode 19, Tom Watson and the team at Your Sales Energy show you how to get on track to bust through the plateau and stimulate massive growth for your MSP.

Episode 18 – Handling Sales Objections

Handling Sales Objections is an art.  Join Tom Watson of Axcient’s MSP Ignition! and Nick Points of CharTec Academy as they show you how to become a master of handling and moving past sales objections on your way to closing deals.

Episode 17 – Closing on the First Appointment

For our 17th edition of MSP Ignition!, Tom Watson (VP of MSP Best Practices at Axcient/eFolder) will be joined by Nick Points (CharTec) to discuss how to close on the first appointment.

Episode 16 – Beyond the MSP: The George Bardissi Story

George Bardissi, long time MSP owner and founder of BVoIP joined Tom Watson for MSP Ignition! #16 to talk about George’s journey through the MSP world, breakdown what your stack offering needs to include and detail what brought him to building a successful VoIP business that servers many MSPs worldwide.

Episode 15 – How to Build & Compensate Your Sales Team

For our 15th edition of MSP Ignition!, Tom Watson (VP of MSP Best Practices at Axcient) will be joined by Alex Rogers (CEO, CharTec) to discuss how to build and compensate your sales team.

Episode 14 – How to Recruit & Retain Top Technical Talent

For our 14th edition of MSP Ignition!, Tom Watson (VP of MSP Best Practices at Axcient) will be joined by James Bier (Chief Channel Development Officer, and Co-Founder, VAR Staffing) to discuss how to find and ultimately retain the best technical staff.

Episode 13 – “Right Now” Contracts

For our 13th edition of MSP Ignition!, Tom Watson (VP of MSP Best Practices at eFolder/Axcient) & Scott Kaplan (Practice Director for Sales Enablement & Training at K1 Investment Management) will be breaking down how to create, institute and profit from “Right-Now Contracts.”

Episode 12 – Cost Calculator

Tom Watson (VP of MSP Best Practices) is going to give you the keys to his own personal Costing Calculator so you can make sure you contracts are bulletproof — concise, thorough, and most importantly, profitable.

Episode 11 – The Power of the Question

For the 11th edition of our popular MSP Ignition! program, Tom Watson (VP of MSP Best Practices) and Scott Kaplan (Practice Director for Sales Enablement & Training) show you the power of the question and how discovery techniques can transform your Sales strategy.

Episode 10 – What to Look for in a Peer Group

For the 10th edition of our popular MSP Ignition! program, we’ve assembled a superstar panel of guests to join Tom Watson in breaking down how peer groups can not only benefit you, but actually take your business in new and exciting directions.

Episode 9 – Identify, Qualify, Certify

In our 9th edition, Tom and Scott Kaplan (Director of Sales Enablement & Training for K1 Operations) will be tackling how to go about intelligently and correctly qualifying business opportunities from start to finish.

Episode 8 – Money Now Beats Money Later

In our 8th edition, Tom and Axcient CEO Matt Nachtrab broke down how to flip your business’ cash-flow strategy & positioning your company to be revenue-forward. Matt and Tom discussed how each of their businesses uses this method in their own unique and effective ways, all while showing how you can truly benefit from money now beating money later.

Episode 7 – Igniting Sales for Your MSP

Ready to take your sales to another level? Our two successful former MSP owners reveal their tips, tricks, and secrets on how to leverage social media, master the customer referral, perfect your networking skills, and maximize your promos.

Episode 6 – 5 Market Factors, 3 Winning Attitudes, 2 Things to Do NOW

Got the feeling your MSP is being held back? Don’t know how to fix it or get over the hurdle? Tom Watson leads our 6th edition of MSP Ignition! and shows you how to not only swim, but thrive in today’s changing MSP ecosystem. Gain a no-nonsense, practical view of operational maturity and how to become a more valuable business. Learn how brutal honesty and self-evaluation, while painful at first, can spark the fire that takes your company to the next level.

Episode 5 – Sell the Real Value of Your MSP

Need some networking help? Never fear. In this presentation, Tom Watson draws from his extensive experience as an MSP owner to show you how to communicate the value of not only your business, but you as an MSP owner / executive. Learn to write an elevator pitch, create and communicate a value proposition & what your business does, and leave your prospects without a shadow of a doubt on why they should choose you.

Episode 4 – MSP Ignition: The Book

Our eFolder all-star team suits up for this webinar about how our MSP Ignition series will help you make your business worth more, and how the education in this series is directly relevant to your business. Tom Watson is joined by Andy Bensinger (Founder of Replibit at eFolder), Garrison Strickland (Strategic Accounts Manager at eFolder), and Robert Leake (Director of Marketing at eFolder) discuss how the MSP Ignition! curriculum is going to translate into MSP Ignition! The Book.

Episode 3 – Sample Managed Services Agreements & SLAs

Tom Watson and Blake Underwood, CEO of Ohio’s MSP dynamo Nemsys, sit down to share the nuances and strategies behind their MSA and SLA best practices. They detail what should and should not be guaranteed or promised, all-in vs. fixed-hour agreements, and how better agreements translate into higher Operational Maturity and increasing the value of your valuation.

Episode 2 – What Does a Client Really Cost?

Jordi Tejero, Owner of CRS Technology Consultants, joins Tom Watson to discuss the art of high margin Managed Services Agreements. Learn the best CRS costing secrets and strategies, how to quote new business skillfully, and how to avoid the common mistakes that end up costing you margin or leaving money on the table.

Episode 1 – The Art of the SLA

Meet Tom Watson, Director of MSP Best Practices for eFolder and your host for the MSP Ignition! series! Hosted by eFolder CEO Matt Nachtrab, this presentation gives you an inside view on how Tom describes his own personal history and philosophy running a successful MSP from founding to exit. Tom shares his own views on MSP market challenges, helping make your value proposition ironclad, and the biggest obstacles to success in the MSP industry.