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Techevolution partner success story Axcient
Custom Pricing and Storage Plus Internal Support Allows Techevolution to Grow
Axcient's flexibility allows this MSP to give clients what they want and need, while growing their business.
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Automation Concepts and Technologies and Axcient Case Study
Automation Concepts & Technologies, Inc. Saves $1,200 a Month By Moving To Axcient
Operational efficiency, unlimited storage and retention, and significant savings contributed to the decision that delivered far fewer tickets
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Avagios and Axcient Case Study
Service, Support, Speed Make x360Cloud The Top Choice for Avagio’s Microsoft 365 Backups
Since moving to x360Cloud, Avagio has been impressed with easy installation and authentication, responsive support, and fast data restore.
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IronEdge Partner Success Story Axcient
Axcient x360Recover Keeps Busy Restaurant Running After Ticketing Server Goes Down
MSP Partner IronEdge and their clients have relied on Axcient for business-critical solutions since 2011.
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API Partner Success Story Axcient
Axcient x360Recover Protects Data During in Municipal Utility Server Failure
A Partner in Technology (API) spun-up a critical server on the Axcient appliance to avoid losses of catastrophic hardware failure.
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Facchina Partner Success Story Axcient
Facchina Strategic Planning Leverages the Right x360 Tools to Enhance Their MSP Offerings
With x360Recover, they have total virtualization of every server that sits at their clients’ sites, and quick access.
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dmi networking partner success story Axcient
dmi Networking Ensures HIPAA Compliance For Dental Clients with Axcient
dmi gives clients peace of mind that their patient records are protected, and their patient health information is secure.
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WTS Partner Success Story Axcient
Axcient Partner WTS Gains HIPAA Compliance For Medical Clients
HIPAA Compliance is critical for MSPs with medical Clients, and Axcient shares and mitigates risk with partners.
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Protecting remote workers and increasing margins
Business Information Solutions (BIS) chose Axcient business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR). Axcient’s chain-free backups, the ability to consolidate on one vendor for all backup use cases, and the confidence
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Lair Services Partner Success Story
MSP Lair Services Grows Business Continuity Margins by 200%
After migrating to x360Recover, they guarantee rapid restoration and security, and their business grew exponentially.
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A Leap Ahead IT Partner Success Story Axcient
A Leap Ahead IT Offers Profitable, Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery With x360Recover
This MSP standardized on a business continuity solution that is flexible, robust, and affordable enough for clients of all sizes
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Alvarez Partner Success Story Axcient
MSP Alvarez Technology Group Overcomes Microsoft 365 Business Continuity Limitations
Alvarez bundles x360Cloud as the baked-in backup solution for all new clients for ensured business continuity.
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