Reduce Cost

Eliminate the hardware, software licensing, hosting and maintenance costs associated with running a VMware disaster recovery site.

Easy Management

Intuitive web console to manage your complete DRaaS environment.

Near Instant Recovery

Automated spin-up of your VMware disaster recovery environment.

Prove It

Automated Run-books so you can satisfy compliance requirements and demonstrate the recoverability of client applications at any time.

When a total disaster occurs, a remote location for your VMware environment is the only thing that will keep your business operational.

However, the cost of designing, architecting and hosting a disaster recovery site for VMware environments is prohibitively expensive. Add in server cost, licensing cost, and management of the environment and before you know it, you’re spending more budget and adding more staff. North American businesses operate in an era where the cost of downtime is more than $700 Billion annually. MSPs are under constant pressure to protect their clients with the ability to rapidly recover from a disaster to support employee productivity.

This constant pressure requires MSPs to make certain IT environments are resilient. IT resilience encompasses workloads including disaster recovery, data protection, and long-term retention.

IT resilience


Axcient Fusion allows MSPs to consolidate and converge infrastructure and workloads in a single cloud platform.


MSPs recognize the complexity and cost of building a Disaster Recovery site for client VMware environments. Axcient’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) eliminates the hardware, software licensing, hosting, and maintenance cost associated with a running a VMware disaster recovery site by providing an affordable, immediately available DRaaS in the Axcient Cloud.

Axcient has taken the complexity, management and cost out of your VMware business continuity and disaster recovery model. By shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx model, you can focus your resources on managing your client’s expectations, not your VMware DR environment.

reduced disaster recovery costs

web management interface


Axcient Fusion provides the Axcient Web Management Interface. This intuitive web management console is used to control and operationalize any VMware DRaaS environment. With other solutions a dedicated full-time employee is required to go through days of training, read manuals, and know the system in and out.

With Axcient anyone on your team can easily learn how to protect and recover a VMware environment. The Web Management Interface provides MSPs the ability to manage protection, recovery, and orchestration operations in one view. In addition, MSPs can set health status thresholds to send alerts when attention is needed.


When your client loses their local data center, their business is at risk. The difference between being out of operations for an hour, to being down for days can be the difference from in-business to completely out-of-business. Go from catastrophic infrastructure failure to full IT productivity in under 60 minutes with Axcient Fusion.

In a disaster event, the MSP can log into the Fusion Web Management Interface to create a virtual private cloud called a Virtual Office. The Virtual Office is an on-demand replica in the Axcient Cloud of the protected on-premises environment. The Virtual Office ensures security, privacy and reliability for every organization needing to run one or more failover virtual machines in the Axcient Cloud.

employees at work

security scorecard grade a


Axcient Fusion makes compliance easier with Runbooks. Runbooks are detailed deployment plans for Virtual Offices. Runbooks can be implemented for any number of use cases, such as failing over an environment during an outage, running a short server test, or exercising a disaster recovery test plan. Exercising a Runbook is the most effective means of demonstrating compliance.

A Runbook can be configured to specify a specific order for starting VMs in the Virtual Office along with the allocation of compute resources for each VM. The Runbook also specifies network settings within the Virtual Office, such as assigning sets of VMs to particular subnets. Once a Runbook is configured and saved, it can be used to stand up an entire Virtual Office with a single click of a button. Axcient is continuously focused on security and only Axcient provides the highest level of security of any competitor with an “A” rating from Security Scorecard, the leader in Cybersecurity ratings by Forrester.

A lot of our clients have compliancy requirements. Axcient Fusion provides the tools to ensure that if our clients get audited, they have proof of their disaster recovery testing compliance.

– Dan Charland, VP Business Development at NetCenergy