Reduce Cost

Eliminate the hardware, software licensing, hosting, and maintenance costs associated with running a VMware disaster recovery site.

Easy Management Axcient

Easy Management

Utilize Axcient’s intuitive web console to manage your complete DRaaS environment.

Instant Recovery Axcient

Near Instant Recovery

Automate spin up of your VMware disaster recovery environment.

Prove Axcient

Prove It

Automated Runbooks satisfy compliance requirements and demonstrate recovery of customer applications at any time.

When total disaster hits, a remote location for your VMware environment is the only thing that keeps business running.

However, the cost of designing, architecting, and hosting a disaster recovery site for VMware environments is prohibitively expensive. Add in server cost, licensing cost, and management of the environment…  Before you know it, you’re spending more budget and adding more staff.

Ransomware attacks are growing year over year in frequency, complexity, and cost to businesses. The average cost of downtime after an attack on a small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) is $274,000. That number is 94% greater in 2020 than in 2019 – and nearly six times higher than it was in 2018.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are under constant pressure to protect customers  not just from the initial attack, but from the aftermath. Proactive disaster recovery solutions enable uninterrupted business continuity to reduce downtime, support employee productivity, and contain costs. MSPs must ensure IT environment resilience with disaster recovery, data protection, and long-term retention.

IT resilience

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Axcient x360Recover lets MSPs consolidate and converge infrastructure and workloads into a single cloud platform.


MSPs recognize the complexity and cost of building a disaster recovery site for customer VMware environments. Through x360Recover, Axcient’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) eliminates the hardware, software licensing, hosting, and maintenance costs associated with a running a VMware disaster recovery site. Instead, Axcient provides an affordable, immediately available DRaaS in the Axcient Cloud.

Axcient removes the complications, management, and expenses associated with your VMware business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) model. By shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx model, you’re able to dedicate more resources toward meeting customer expectations, rather than managing your VMware environment.

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Axcient x360Recover is part of the all-in-one x360 Platform. Axcient x360 provides the only unified platform and experience for MSPs to protect customer data. The Axcient x360 portal is a single pane of glass for MSPs to manage BCDR, Cloud to Cloud Backup, and Secure Sync & Share. Axcient x360 supports single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and multi-tenant management to increase productivity and reduce total cost of managed services (TCOMS).

Within the x360 portal you have choices. Self-manage disaster recovery and virtualization with Virtual Office to achieve a significantly faster recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO), or contact Axcient support  24/7/365 for help. Bring Your Own Data Center (BYODC) with Axcient Direct-to-Cloud private cloud deployment, or store data in the secure Axcient Cloud. Utilize Direct-to-Cloud for hardware-free backup and disaster recovery (BDR), or rely on turn-key, no-appliance, or public cloud. backup.


When customers lose their local data center, their business-critical data is at risk. The difference between an hour and days of downtime could be fatal. Quickly go from catastrophic infrastructure failure, to full IT productivity almost immediately with x360Recover.

During a disaster, MSPs can utilize Virtual Office for on-demand, self-managed disaster recovery and virtualization. Virtual Office creates a replica of backups in the Axcient Cloud, of the protected on-premises environment. Virtual Office ensures security, privacy, and reliability for customers needing to run one or more failover virtual machines in the Axcient Cloud.

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SecurityScorecard grade A


Axcient x360Recover makes compliance easy with automated Runbooks. Runbooks are detailed deployment plans for Virtual Offices. Runbooks can be implemented for any number of use cases, such as failing over an environment during an outage, running a short server test, or exercising a disaster recovery test plan. Exercising a Runbook is the most effective means of demonstrating compliance.

A Runbook can be configured to specify a specific order for starting virtual machines in the Virtual Office, along with the allocation of compute resources for each virtual machine. Runbooks also specify network settings within the Virtual Office, such as assigning sets of virtual machines to particular subnets. Once a Runbook is configured and saved, it can be used to stand up an entire Virtual Office with a single click of a button. Axcient is continuously focused on security and only Axcient provides the highest level of security of any competitor with an ‘A’ rating from Security Scorecard, the leader in Cybersecurity ratings by Forrester.

A lot of our clients have compliancy requirements. Axcient x360Recover provides the tools to ensure that if our clients get audited, they have proof of their disaster recovery testing compliance.

– Dan Charland, VP Business Development at NetCenergy