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CloudFinder provides the most reliable and complete backup and restore methodology for Office 365.

Security and Compliance

SecurityScorecard, an independent 3rd party, has scored the Axcient ecosystem of applications and the Axcient Cloud at an “A” rating.

The Armor for Enterprises:
Office 365 Protection

The move to Office 365 makes sense for many companies. Automatic software updates and security fixes, access to documents anytime from anywhere on any device. And it’s automatically backed up, right? Wrong.

More than 30% of small businesses have migrated on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers to Office 365 in the cloud, and the trend is accelerating. Small businesses are moving to the cloud for “access anywhere” productivity and more efficient budget management using OpEx. However, there are two things most small businesses don’t know about Office 365:

  1. Microsoft provides no guarantee against data loss and
  2. your Office 365 account can still be hacked – “access anywhere” productivity comes with a cost, and the cost is additional risk to your data.

Per Microsoft one of the most common security support requests is for assistance remediating account compromise. The most common scenario is an employee becoming the victim of a phishing scam and the attacker gaining the password to their account. Now that attacker can delete all the employee data.

The third risk SMBs should be aware of: Microsoft only retains data for 14 days after deletion. This policy can violate compliance requirements in certain industries, and also affect companies when employees accidentally or deliberately delete files. Take, for example, upon an employee’s termination.

office 365 protection

This is the exact reason Office 365 Protection exists – to ensure that an enterprise will never shut down due to compromised data, security breaches, or poor decision-making. To shield your data from these fatal and potential risks, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offers the following features:

  • Policies that can be configured towards threat protection that determine the level of security for the organization
  • Real-time reports that allow an overview and complete visibility of the ATP’s performance
  • The capability to investigate, analyze, replicate, and prevent threats to your organization
  • Time-saving capabilities to investigate and respond to incidents and issues via automation

Office 365 Protection

Axcient CloudFinder puts you back in control of your Office 365 data by providing cloud backup and restore so you can continue to access your documents and Exchange Online anytime from anywhere on any device.

Axcient CloudFinder comes with SmartSearch, solid restoration capabilities and unparalleled data protection and encryption, so you are constantly reassured that your office files, documents, photos, and videos will never be compromised or unrecovered.


CloudFinder for O365 serves to guarantee that all your MS Office 365 emails, files, folders, documents, and communication sites are backed up and ready to be restored in case of a cyber-attack. Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint are 100% backed up with CloudFinder, so your organization will never have to worry about losing mission-critical data. With a few clicks, you can easily filter and search for objects, whether on a granular or macro level.

On top of these, CloudFinder also offers an effective restoration methodology to ensure that your O365 is backed up. Through the availability of three backups on a daily basis, Axcient’s CloudFinder can provide an organization with top-to-bottom reports for Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint. This also includes the detailed monitoring and verification of the activities involved in the O365 backup procedure.


Office 365 offers protection against phishing through a myriad of solutions with a subscription to ATP, which includes O365 Threat Intelligence. This allows you to determine who else has received and became a victim of phishing. Having more options to block phishing also includes: ATP’s Safe Links, Safe Attachments, and more anti-phishing policies.


Axcient CloudFinder for Office 365 can be used to perform backup and restore of Office 365 emails, contacts and calendar (Exchange online) and files and folders (OneDrive), and document libraries and communication sites (SharePoint online). Organizations that deploy Axcient CloudFinder for Office 365 can rest assured that all of their critical Office 365 data is backed up to the encrypted Axcient Cloud.

Axcient CloudFinder provides the most reliable and complete backup and restore methodology for Office 365. CloudFinder can support up to three backups each day for Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint with detailed reports, monitoring, and verification of all backup activities.


Office 365’s anti-malware protection is a multilayered service that enables you to combat malware, whether it is traveling inbound or outbound to and from your enterprise. The following features serve to improve the protective capabilities against malware:

  • Multiple anti-malware capabilities that serve to shield your data against all potential risks and threats
  • Real-time response to these cyber-attacks, such as the availability of verified information on the malware
  • Speedy deployment of anti-malware definitions from the development team

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Microsoft Office 365 comes with a wide array of threat protection capabilities, which includes a defense against malicious URLs and files that go through email and are sometimes found in Office docs. A subscription to the Office 365 ATP guarantees that you get that level of protection. The following ways detail how O365 ATP can protect your messages:

  • Cloud-based email protection exists for your on-premises Exchange Server environment, or through SMTP alternatives that are set up on-premises
  • Exchange Online mailboxes that are hosted via the cloud can be protected through O365
  • And through a hybrid deployment, ATP allows configuration so it is possible to protect your messaging and email

Office 365 also covers protection against spamming. There are a handful of spam filters built into your O365 or Exchange Online Protection (EOP) service, which then allows you to keep your email protected by updating your security settings. O365, for example, sifts through and checks for the specific characteristics of messages that have been tagged as spam, so you are enabled to filter such emails or messages that come from certain locations and written in specific languages.


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msp partner network


Axcient works exclusively with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) so SMBs receive the best service. MSPs provide a client SLA so SMBs can focus on their core business.

We focus on providing our MSP partner network the best software solutions and support. CloudFinder significantly reduces the burden placed on administrators through an intuitive and quick setup in less than a minute. CloudFinder makes restoring data easy with instant full-text searches and point-in-time restores across Office 365 services.

The Axcient support SLA to our partners is 24/7/365 with a less than a 60-minute response time for critical issues. By providing MSPs the best partner experience, that in turn means SMBs get the data protection they need without the additional overhead or worry.

When your stuff is stored on your computer, you alone are responsible for keeping it safe, secure and backed up. Your roof, your rules. But when you shift from local storage to remote, you live by terms set by someone else.

– Michelle Maltais, Los Angeles Times