Cybersecurity Readiness Bundle for MSPs

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Three tools to help MSPs get ransomware ready in a comprehensive cybersecurity planning bundle

Axcient’s Cybersecurity Readiness Bundle combines two playbooks and an ebook with actionable steps to take and pitfalls to avoid to help MSPs survive, thrive, and recover after a cyber-attack.  Download this Cybersecurity Readiness Bundle and get immediate access to resources to get ransomware ready.

The 5 Critical Pieces of a Good Cybersecurity Playbook

Cybersecurity today requires much more than just backup and disaster recovery (BDR).  To ensure business continuity, MSPs need a comprehensive plan covering both the initial triage and long-term recovery after a cyber-attack.  Plus, get two downloadable incident response checklists to help both sides of your MSP act quickly and correctly in times of disaster.

Get the playbook on these components to protect your MSP from whatever comes next:

  • Immediate and long-term planning for incident response and recovery
  • Differentiating between your incident response plan and a business continuity plan
  • Cyber insurance considerations
  • Cybersecurity playbook critical components and updates

 Playbook for Best Practices in Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

MSPs must create their disaster recovery (DR) plan, test it, and continuously update it.  This playbook will guide you through these steps and help you revise your plans to combat today’s evolving and persistent cyberattacks.  This playbook will improve DR planning and testing by helping MSPs to:

  • Identify critical components necessary for efficient disaster recovery plans
  • Understand the technology options for DR planning and testing, including cloud backup technologies for remote and hybrid environments
  • Get an inside look into how other MSPs are managing ransomware disaster recovery plan templates and table drills
  • Reassess their DR plan testing – It’s feasibility, testing frequency, key players, and when to update
  • Focus on a comprehensive BCDR strategy with the core capabilities necessary to restore data with minimal downtime and data management simplicity

eBook – Surviving a Total Ransomware Takedown: An MSP Quick Guide for Overcoming Today’s Cyberattacks

Unlike your typical ransomware attack where maybe one server or one whole client goes down, total ransomware takedown means complete encryption of all clients, endpoints, servers, and your MSP.  It has happened before and could happen to your MSP.

This eBook builds on real MSP survival stories to help MSPs cover all the bases in their ransomware disaster recovery plan.

  • The 5 “C’s” of Communication: When, how, where, and what your MSP communicates is paramount to surviving a breach. Get guidance on communications with clients, lawyers, insurance carriers, the public, and your internal teams.
  • 4 Untapped Recovery Resources: To make a fast and complete recovery, tap into these valuable yet underutilized resources.
  • 3 Ways to Redefine Roles and Responsibilities: It’s all hands on deck when disaster strikes. Prepare your team to be nimble and strategic.
  • 5 Questions to Assess System Readiness: Total ransomware takedown means the systems you rely on for recovery may not be available. Make sure you are confident in your plan B.
  • The #1 Piece of Advice for Rapid Recovery: Hear straight from the MSPs who have lived through a total ransomware takedown to ensure you don’t make avoidable errors.

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