5 Critical Pieces of a Good Cybersecurity Playbook

Formulating an effective playbook for confident, rapid recovery

Cybersecurity playbooks today require much more than just backup and disaster recovery. For MSPs to ensure business continuity for their clients, they need a comprehensive plan covering both the immediate and long-term effects of a cyber incident. A properly designed cybersecurity playbook assumes that data loss will occur and provides reassurance that the business will recover swiftly and confidently, regardless of how the data is lost. This eBook answers the most critical questions surrounding recovery, including:

  • How do I approach immediate and long-term planning for incident response and recovery?
  • What is the difference between an incident response (IR) plan and a business continuity (BC) plan?
  • What are the considerations for Cyber Liability Insurance?
  • What are the five critical pieces of a good cybersecurity playbook?
  • How do I get started?

Axcient's cybersecurity playbook (inside)Download the eBook to use as a guide in enhancing or developing your cybersecurity playbook to protect your clients with an organization-wide manual that dictates what cybersecurity playbook actions to take when data loss occurs.


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