The San Francisco Classics. Top 5 Things To Do While At VMWorld

Remember the days when life was simple? We remember those days too. It’s Axcient’s first year at VMworld and we couldn’t be more excited about it being in our own backyard. We thought there was no better way to welcome the out of towner’s than to show you the classic hot spots that have been… Read more »

Christina S,
What #ILookLikeAnEngineer Really Means

Two weeks ago, Isis Wenger took the social media world by storm and coined the term “#ILookLikeAnEngineer” in a Twitter post challenging sexist and discriminating comments she faced in the workplace. Since then, there have been thousands of posts supporting the cause, created by men, women, engineers, and other professionals. As a female engineer, it’s… Read more »

Amanda Chong
Amanda C,
#ilooklikeanengineer and #ilooklikethebossofengineers

#Ilooklikeanengineer. Of course I do. I am smart, assertive and have a true passion for all things technology. Guess what else I look like? #ilooklikethebossofengineers. That’s right, not only am I an engineer, but I also lead a team of 30 engineers. My name is Anu Krishnan and I have been watching the viral campaign… Read more »

Anu Krishnan
Anu K,
Say Hello to Your Appliance-less Disaster Recovery Solution

Tired of setting up and spending a ton of money on appliances? Need business-grade protection for your laptops and desktops? Want to protect devices in your remote and branch offices but don’t want to juggle between different DRaaS providers? We’ve been listening to the same concerns from our partners and customers so we worked to… Read more »

Shravya Yelisetti
Shravya Y,
National Direct to Cloud Week

OK, I made that up, but there should be a National Direct to Cloud Week. Why? Axcient’s new Direct to Cloud (D2C) is that important. For the first time, IT Directors and IT Service Providers will be able to provide unified data protection across their entire enterprise with one vendor and one product, Axcient. I… Read more »

Steve Noel
Steve N,
Selling Solutions or Heartaches?

There are 9,000,547 different cloud solutions available (or so it seems) that you can provide to your clients or use in your own organization. All these shiny, new, sexy products practically guarantee to cure what ails your business. So what should you sell to your clients, when should you sell it to them, and under… Read more »

Steve Noel
Steve N,
World Backup Day – I’ll Take Fries With That

Today, March 31, is World Backup Day. I have always wondered why we have these types of days. While today is World Backup Day, it is also National Tater Day, National Education and Sharing Day, National Clams on the Half Shell Day, and National Bunsen Burner Day. I bet more people eat potatoes and clams… Read more »

Steve Noel
Steve N,
Finally, VARs Can Make Money Selling SaaS

Axcient’s SaaS:FLO – The Only Channel Program To Give VARs 2 Years of Margin On Day One! Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the cloud have been good for many businesses. The elastic nature of both SaaS and cloud have enabled customers to reduce capex, simplify deployment, and seamlessly scale while providing built-in anywhere productivity. Vendors like, NetSuite,… Read more »

Justin Moore
Justin M,
10 Places You Must Visit In San Francisco While At VMware Partner Exchange

Are you attending VMware Partner Exchange this year? To help make your visit fun and eventful, we’ve provided you with 10 places we are sure you’d love to visit while in SF. Pick and choose and plan your day outside of VMworld! But before you plan your next stop, make sure you come by booth… Read more »

Taraneh Hosseinzadeh
Taraneh H,
It’s 2015, Time to Rethink Your Data Protection Strategy

In today’s world, businesses need to stay up and running more than ever – they cannot afford days or even an hour of downtime. In fact, a single hour of downtime can cost organizations up to $160,000. So, how can your organization avoid these costs, ensure faster recovery time and even prevent downtime? It may… Read more »

Taraneh Hosseinzadeh
Taraneh H,