Three Things You Won’t Learn At IT Nation This Year

IT Nation is one of the most anticipated events of the year for IT services providers of all sizes for its influence and educational sessions on marketing, sales, and billing from some of the industry’s biggest thought leaders. However, after working with thousands of MSPs — from really small to some of the largest in… Read more »

Justin Moore
Justin M,  
The Five Cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery Trends You Need to Know

Predicting the future is difficult. The reality is, technology has surpassed our once audacious predictions and, frankly, our technology is better than what was predicted. What stays true is that we can always count on technology to change the way we live and the way our businesses operate. Consider the role of cloud in backup… Read more »

Taraneh Hosseinzadeh
Taraneh H,  
Introducing the Axcient User Portal

Customers are moving to Axcient’s simple data and application recovery service in growing numbers. As our user base grows we need to make sure our customers are up to date with our evolving cloud application. To help educate our clients and improve their experience with our service, we’re proud to announce the powerfully simple Axcient User Portal as a one-stop destination for our customers to access documentation, read knowledge base articles, manage support cases, and much more.

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What Your IT Manager Needs to Know about Server Replication

Note: This article first appeared at ForeFront, a Thomson Reuters Elite newsletter. A new topic has been top of mind for many technology professionals in light of the growing trend of server virtualization among fast growing IT environments: replication. While not new, the technology solutions for server replication have been gaining traction and taking a… Read more »

Daniel Kuperman
Daniel K,  
There is More to Disaster Recovery Than Replication

While you may be familiar with multiple replication products and vendors, don’t confuse the technology of data or server replication with Disaster Recovery. Replication is not a disaster recovery solution nor does it provide business continuity. So what exactly is replication? According to TechTarget, replication is the process of copying data from one location to… Read more »

Taraneh Hosseinzadeh
Taraneh H,  
Eddi the DR Yeti – A Yeti’s reflection of #ILTA14

Hi everyone, Eddi the Disaster Recovery Yeti here! I had so much fun this past week at the International Legal Technology Association Conference. I met so many great people, and learned so much! I even had my own hashtag, #SpotTheYeti – hopefully you were able to spot me because I was fast like a Nascar and… Read more »

The Yeti
The Yeti ,  
Why Traditional Backup is Broken – And What to Do About It

Can you quantify how much every minute of downtime can cost your organization? Did you know that 1 in 5 recoveries aren’t meeting the expectations of its business stakeholders? As an IT professional, are you satisfied with the level of protection your backup and recovery solution is providing you? In a recent survey done by ESG,… Read more »

Taraneh Hosseinzadeh
Taraneh H,  
Why You No Longer Have To Worry About CryptoLocker

It’s Thursday, and you’re over the hump, a couple more days and it’s the weekend. You go to open a folder. A dreaded red screen pops up and takes over your desktop. It’s the CryptoLocker. That PowerPoint you’ve been working on for the past 72 hours is held hostage and your presentation is less than… Read more »

Taraneh Hosseinzadeh
Taraneh H,  
Five Reasons Companies Are Ditching Traditional Backup

According to a recent study by Gartner, “by the end of 2016, 40% of large enterprises, up from 20% at year-end 2012, will have eliminated tape for operational recovery.” While tape backup is still being used in combination with other traditional backup solutions, companies are increasingly aware of the fact that some change is needed. But… Read more »

Taraneh Hosseinzadeh
Taraneh H,  
Introducing the 2nd Generation Axcient Virtual Appliance

* a.k.a. We listened, we learned, and made the virtual appliance even better with your help. Thanks to you, the 1st Generation Axcient Virtual Appliance has been deployed by more than 250 end-customers since we introduced it back in January, making it the most quickly adopted product in Axcient’s history. Along the way, we’ve received a lot of feedback from you… Read more »

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