5 Reasons MSPs are Offering Private Cloud Deployment
(and you should too!)

Choice is one of the most important features for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients. MSPs offering private cloud deployment empower clients to choose their preferred IT infrastructure. A business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution with both Direct-to-Cloud capability and private cloud infrastructure, provide big opportunities for MSPs and their clients.

1. Cost

For larger MSPs who already have their own data center, private cloud infrastructure makes sense because the heavy lifting is already done – or rather paid for. Instead of paying six-figure salaries for in-house management and technical expertise, those costs can be outsourced to MSPs who are staffed to serve many clients. Private clouds can quickly be misjudged as more expensive, but with a knowledgeable MSP partner already operating their own infrastructure at scale, a custom solution can be delivered at a lower overall cost.

2. Compliance

Government-related industries, businesses managing private personal information, or privy to classified data, must adhere to strict compliance regulations. These often require custom controls and policies for auditing and logging; access; intrusion and threat detection and response; SIEM; and data retention. Private cloud deployment options allow the entire IT environment to be tailor-suited to unique requirements – whether leveraging a client’s existing infrastructure, an MSP’s data center, or custom deployment in a public cloud.

3. Custom Integration

Non-conventional tools and applications are increasingly popular due to efficiency, innovation, and speed. While at the same time, the traditional environments businesses have relied on for years still need support. Private cloud infrastructure lets MSPs tailor IT environments. For example, a client might have a legacy application that requires a physical dongle in order to operate. With private cloud deployment, a secondary physical dongle can be made available in the private cloud data center. This allows the application to run in the event of a failover.

On the flip side, MSPs can integrate private cloud more deeply. For instance, through customized techniques for disaster recovery testing or failover. Private cloud also allows data to potentially ‘live’ closer to clients, opening up new options for data recovery after a disaster.

4. Flexibility

Inviting clients to Bring Your Own Data Center, or BYODC, lets them answer the question, “Your data center or ours?” MSPs with this capability open the door for a variety of potential new clients. Many businesses are investing in public cloud, while others are moving away. Enabling both of these environments – in addition to no-appliance and turn-key backup and disaster recovery (BDR), and remote endpoint backup – allows you to meet all small to medium-sized business (SMB) needs. The possibilities are endless! Clients can back up to your vendor’s turn-key cloud as desired. They can run a version of your vendor’s software stack on-prem or in their own data center environment. Clients can also backup directly to their MSP’s private cloud. Flexible BDR gives clients the choices and control they need to meet evolving business needs efficiently.

5. Competition

Reporting shows SMBs spending 15% more on managed services per year. With that, existing MSPs are growing their businesses to manage client expansion, and new MSPs are entering the industry. In order to stay above market competition, your MSP needs to stand out. Clients don’t need to be afraid to switch MSPs with built-in features to make the transition easy. Of course every business and client is different, and both private cloud and public cloud are worthy solutions. Consider your competition, explore vendor solutions, assess your ability and desire to manage infrastructure and decide if private cloud is right for you and your clients.

Direct-to-Cloud with Private Cloud Deployment

Axcient is answering the call for private cloud deployment through Direct-to-Cloud hardware-free BDR. Bring your own data center (BYODC) empowers MSPs to more efficiently back up client data, while meeting individual client needs. MSPs with their own data centers can easily store, replicate, and deploy data. Private cloud capacity gives you the power to choose where you want to store data. Direct-to-Cloud provides flexible deployments, unlimited storage, and the option to backup directly from your preferred data center, and store in the secure, SOC-2 compliant Axcient Cloud.

Installation of a Direct-to-Cloud vault is simple and can easily be setup on any Ubuntu certified server hardware, or on any Axcient x360Recover turn-key BCDR appliance. Configuration for a private cloud vault destination for offsite data has also been simplified. Schedule a Demo with a Product Expert to see BYODC and private cloud deployment in action.

Liz Mellem

About the Author:
Liz Mellem // Technical Copywriter, Axcient

Liz Mellem has been a freelance copywriter for over three years in the technology, education, and alternative medicine industries. She produces content, sales collateral, and email marketing campaigns that contribute to digital marketing strategies for sales growth and brand awareness. In her free time, Liz enjoys reading, exploring Austin, and Netflix with her cat, Harlem.