Axcient Introduces AutoVerify

Advanced System Protection for MSPs

DENVER, CO (October 24, 2019) — Axcient, a leader in business availability and cloud migration solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today unveiled AutoVerify, an enhancement to Axcient’s BRC and Replibit’s nightly BootVM check feature, providing validation of the recoverability of the backup snapshots and protected environment.   With AutoVerify, MSPs get in-depth daily proof of the recoverability of their backups, detecting common problems that can really hurt if discovered during recovery, including bad windows updates or malware causing unbootable systems, incomplete backups, corrupt backups, and more.

“With AutoVerify, Axcient is giving MSPs confidence that their last line of defense against ransomware is strong and fully tested every day,” said Ben Nowacky, senior vice president of Product at Axcient. “This technology offers MSPs another line of defense to ensure their clients’ data is protected.  With Axcient’s AutoVerify feature, MSPs will have peace of mind because the tool inspects protected systems and alerts MSPs if any issues arise. With the advanced technology, MSPs can focus on running their businesses and trust their technology to work for them.”

Now part of the BootVM check operation on all BRC and Replibit appliances, AutoVerify reports can be found within the Remote Management Console (RMC) and Global Management Portal (GMP).  When nightly BootVM checks are enabled for each protected system on the local BRC or Replibit appliance, each selected protected system will automatically boot the latest backup snapshot and perform AutoVerify operations to ensure that the recovered backup is healthy.

Key benefits of AutoVerify:

  • Offers MSPs confidence in the integrity and recoverability of their backup system
  • Reduces the time spent manually fixing issues that might occur during a recovery fail over
  • Lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) by automatically detecting, alerting, and fixing backup consistency issues
  • Allows for faster identification if there are any potential backup issues
  • Alerts from AutoVerify can sync directly with PSA and RMM technology tools, such as ConnectWise

“With technology like AutoVerify, we can rest easy knowing that Axcient has built in protections for our clients’ data,” said Paul Charles, chief technology officer at DataTrends. “We have confidence in Axcient’s solutions and appreciate that we have a vendor partner going the extra mile to make sure our clients’ businesses are up and running if the worst happens.”

Since AutoVerify was introduced in beta in August 2019, it has helped ensure recoverable backups of protected systems, and has identified a significant percentage of production servers that contained disk corruption or other errors that may impact server production performance, reliability, and associated backups. Identifying these issues at the source production server level has allowed MSPs to proactively  address the issues in their client’s production environments before backups begin. The powerful feature enables MSPs to get in front of any issues, acting as a strong last line of defense for their clients.

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Axcient is an award-winning leader in business availability and cloud migration solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The Axcient Business Availability suite—which includes Replibit, BRC, CloudFinder, Anchor, Fusion, and the Axcient Cloud—enables MSPs to build secure technology stacks for their customers. Trusted by MSPs worldwide, Axcient protects businesses data and continuity in the event of security breaches, human error and natural disasters. For more information, visit Axcient at

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