Axcient Launches Enhanced Partner Benefit Program

Axcient has always had a partner program, but we are taking it up a notch with a tier-based system that includes new partner-focused incentives and benefits. Designed to activate MSP growth while creating Axcient advocates in the channel, the Axcient Partner Program (APP) empowers MSPs to succeed in sales and technical capabilities by enhancing operations. As an MSP-only solutions provider, this is just one more way that Axcient is proving our ongoing and evolutionary commitment to helping MSPs succeed.

Everyone Wins with Silver, Gold, and Platinum Tiers

Axcient designed our three-tier system to increase an MSP’s return on investment (ROI) towards achieving business goals faster and more efficiently. Based on compliance with program requirements and business performance metrics – specifically monthly recurring revenue (MRR) – Axcient partners can get promoted to new tiers based on biannual evaluations. Where your MSP lands is based on the previous six-month period, and the initial evaluation is based on where your MSP stands currently.

MRR must be equal to or above the following thresholds and includes revenues generated from sales of both new licenses and renewals:

  • Silver: MRR > $100
  • Gold: MRR > $1,000
  • Platinum: MRR > $5,000

Partner Benefits by Tier

Every tier of the APP benefits Axcient partners and their growth potential with Axcient. These opportunities present new and creative ways to partner with Axcient to extend your reach and capabilities. It’s important to understand each benefit so that you and your team take advantage. Get an overview of each benefit by tier and speak to your Partner Success Manager for more information on access, eligibility, and other specifics.


24x7x365 Support
for all Axcient partners through Axcient’s tech touch team – a resolution-focused support system available through the Axcient partner portal or via telephone for high complexity issues.

Dedicated Partner Success Manager (PSM) helps all partners recognize the value of Axcient’s solutions and make the most of the APP for mutually beneficial outcomes.

The Axcient Partner Portal gives Axcient partners a one-stop-shop for accessing all Axcient partner benefits – including Axcient University, the AMP, APP documentation and policies, and your administrative hub for managing client backup and recovery.

Credit-based referral program rewards existing partners when they refer an MSP who also becomes an Axcient partner – the higher the referral MRR, the more credit goes to the existing partner.

The Axcient Marketing Portal (AMP) gives all partners unlimited access to sales resources and brandable marketing support, including:

  • Solution-specific data sheets
  • Sales presentation decks
  • Competitor research
  • Customizable partnership logos
  • Whitepapers
  • Sales playbooks
  • Pre-built email campaigns
  • Social media posts
  • Detailed marketing analytics.

Certifications and Training through Axcient University for all partners and their clients to gain a  deeper technical, administrative, and service-based understanding of Axcient’s solutions and features. Select the training method that works best for you, your team, and your clients:

  • Instructor-led training – available both in-person and by video
  • Webinars
  • Self-paced eLearning
  • Virtual labs


Knowledgeable Channel Marketing Manager
(CMM) supports proposal-based marketing plans for lead generation, demand support, and sales strategies.

Proposal-Based Marketing Development Funds (MDFs) enable partners to design and execute marketing campaigns, like events, with some help from Axcient in the form of funds, collaboration, an Axcient representative, and so on.


Marketing Concierge Services
give partners customized marketing support, such as personalized email and social campaigns, vertical-specific collateral, and other tailor-made assets.

Quarterly Solutions Operational Audit is a custom experience for partners to get an in-depth review of an Axcient solution implementation and operational infrastructure, along with new product updates and recommendations to improve product performance and efficiency.

Eligible to join the Axcient Partner Advisory Committee (PAC), which brings leaders from the Axcient partner community together for interactive discussions with the Axcient leadership team to build rapport, gain insights into the service roadmap, influence decision making, share best practices with peers, and gain practical knowledge to improve growth and profitability.

How to Join the Axcient Partner Program

The number one requirement of the APP is that you are an Axcient partner. After that, it’s as easy as one, two:

  1. Apply in less than 2 minutes.
  2. Axcient will contact you in 48 hours or less to let you know your tier

You can start using your benefits immediately through the Axcient partner portal.

Join the Axcient Partner Program Now!


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