Axcient Partner Support: No-cost Onboarding, Marketing, and Ongoing Training

Axcient has robust, partner-driven dedicated support for onboarding, training, and marketing to drive growth.

Central to Axcient’s success is the success of our MSP partners. Because of that, we’re committed to making sure partners are both set up with success and supported throughout their evolution with our solutions. To ensure partners are always number one, we’ve amassed dedicated teams and resources for onboarding and training, support, marketing, and account management. These professionals are specially trained experts in all things Axcient x360. Everything from initial onboarding and product set up to new release training, troubleshooting, and account-specific problem solving is part of the all-inclusive Axcient partner experience.

The Axcient Onboarding Program

The Axcient onboarding team helps new partners configure and optimize their business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions. This initial stage is critical because it sets the tone for our partnership going forward. Partners meet their dedicated account managers and training specialists, get introduced to support channels and resources and learn how to navigate the x360Portal.

Our 4-tier onboarding program includes the following:

  1. Product Training and Certification: To ensure our partners can efficiently train and certify their technicians on Axcient products, Axcient offers both online training and product certification, as well as instructor-led training at no charge.
  1. Deployment Review: After partners have deployed their solutions, Axcient provides an in-depth site review to make sure they are set up effectively to monitor and manage their solutions meet client SLAs, and deliver uninterrupted business continuity no matter what.
  2. Axcient Marketing Portal: The Axcient Marketing Portal (AMP) gives partners free and unlimited access to a variety of already-done marketing tools to help grow their MSP. Resources include brandable assets and collateral, personalized email campaigns, custom social media campaigns, engagement reporting, and marketing development funds (MDF).
  3. 1:1 Personalized Support: There’s no limit to the amount of knowledge an MSP and their techs can have about their BCDR solutions. To support long-term learning and an extensive understanding of Axcient’s capabilities, training specialists are available for partners to get one-on-one guidance throughout each of their deployment milestones.

While the onboarding program is designed to introduce MSPs to Axcient and their new solutions, we pride ourselves on the simplicity of our products. With features like silent installation, straightforward deployment, and the elimination of overwhelming ‘rip and replace’ requirements, some MSPs are backing up within minutes. CJ Black, Axcient partner and the CEO of Oscillas describes the onboarding experience as “extremely easy.”

CJ goes on to say, “I even missed my initial onboarding call and was still able to get my organization integrated with Axcient in under eight minutes. Seriously. As someone who counts myself lucky if I tie my own shoes right the first time, I cannot overstate just how straightforward this tool is. If I was able to get us up and running with no guidance, while my coffee cooled nonetheless, anyone can.”

I even missed my initial onboarding call and was still able to get my organization integrated with Axcient in under 8 minutes. Seriously.” – CJ Black, CEO at Oscillas

Ongoing, On-Demand Training Without Limitations

Time is money, and that’s why we support our partners with tailor-made training opportunities that fit their needs no matter how long they’ve been with Axcient. After the initial onboarding program is complete, the Axcient team remains available through one-on-one training, regular check-ins with account managers, and always-available support channels. In addition, Axcient’s open-door policy supports our partners’ growth and evolution within the constantly changing cybersecurity landscape.

Regardless of when a technician joins their MSP, they should get access to the same complete training program as the techs before them. Axcient makes that possible with live, on-demand, one-on-one training, available both online and in-person. On the other hand, seasoned technicians may need a refresher on solution capabilities and features as they apply to new business use cases. And with regular Axcient product updates, releases, and launches, technicians always know how to get a guided tour of what’s new.

Partner-driven Training to Improve Retention and Utilization

Training starts in the x360Portal, where MSPs can quickly and easily sign up for the time, duration, and location of the training they desire. So regardless of how much knowledge you come in with – whether you’re brand new or need a tune-up – our training team is equipped to help you reach your goals.

Training scheduler within the x360Portal

Axcient takes a hands-on, partner-driven approach to training in an effort to increase engagement, retention, and utilization. We prefer for trainees to share their screen during online training sessions and actively complete tasks in front of the trainer to learn by doing. In our one-on-one environments, we can invest in the individual success of each partner, so they walk away feeling confident and capable.

Axcient Trainier and Trainee during an online session
Axcient Trainer and Trainee during an online session

The relationship that we have with Axcient is something that we value tremendously. Axcient values the relationship we have with them and takes the time to address our concerns. It’s definitely a team effort and behind that team is just great people.”

– Robert Cioffi, COO at Progressive

As a 100% channel-only solutions provider, Axcient takes our partnerships extremely seriously. We understand the challenges MSPs face and are constantly making efforts to alleviate and remediate those pain points. While our best-in-class BCDR solutions speak for themselves, our emphasis on partner experience with resources like the onboarding program, ongoing training availability, and marketing resources helps partners make the most of our technology. Try it for yourself with a free, 14-day trial and see how we compare to your current provider. Protect Everything and Access Axcient Now!



About the Author: Rick Klemetson // Senior Technical Education Engineer, Axcient

For over 35 years, Rick has been in the IT industry, with nearly 10 years in disaster recovery and eight with Axcient. Rick made the transition from engineer to trainer to use his depth of product knowledge to help partners. Today, Rick considers himself a full-time teacher and connector. He genuinely loves interacting with MSPs, guiding partners to best practices, and making the most of Axcient’s BCDR solutions.

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