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Local Cache for Fast Recovery Without the Pricey Hardware

How long does it take you to recover after a hardware failure or outage? Axcient’s latest feature within x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) significantly accelerates cloud BDR recovery time using fewer resources. Local Cache allows MSPs to enjoy the strategic and economic promise of cloud disaster recovery but still get the speed and ease of local backup. Direct-to-Cloud has the same chain-free x360Recover foundation that powers Axcient’s hardware-based data protection solution but eliminates the need for expensive and stressful on-prem appliance management.

What is Local Cache?

Local Cache is an optional, fully independent D2C feature for MSPs who want to eliminate or deprioritize on-prem storage and directly backup servers and workstations to the cloud instead. It’s a recovery acceleration layer that works in tandem with x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud, Axcient’s hardware-free BDR solution. Pairing D2C with an inexpensive local USB or NAS device substantially decreases recovery and failback times to reduce downtime after a data loss issue or even a disaster.

Whether you’re recovering files, folders, or an entire protected system, you get the ease and affordability of cloud-based BDR, with the speed of local backup without an expensive onsite appliance. Efficient, deduplicated storage on a low-cost local storage device enables fast local file recoveries, bare-metal restores, and coming soon, local virtualizations. x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud with Local Cache provides MSPs with a reliable, cost-effective data protection solution so you can handle multiple use cases with just one solution – and lessen the cost and time-suck that results from vendor sprawl.

Up to 50% Savings Off What You Are Paying for Backup Alone

D2C with Local Cache provides the speed you get with a local BDR appliance but at up to half the cost. Typical BDR appliances burden MSPs and their clients with costs ranging from $1k to $10k. Local Cache devices set MSPs back anywhere from $50 to $500. No more appliances means less maintenance and fewer onsite visits. Redirect those costs and resources back into your business to improve client value and expand your business while you deliver comprehensive business continuity.

“During the trial of local cache, we thoroughly tested the product, and it proved to be a great way for us to implement local recoveries easily,” said Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions. “As an additional accelerated recovery layer for our clients, x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud with local cache proved to have better economics for our clients, in part because the technology eliminates the cost of maintenance of local hardware appliances. Local cache proves we can continue to rely on Axcient to listen to our needs and innovate ways to better protect the businesses we serve with their technology.”

5 Benefits of D2C + Local Cache

  1. Reduced TCO: Get near-instant recovery speed and full business continuity assurance at up to 50% less than the cost of backup alone.
  2. Complete protection: Restore all business-critical systems and data from any physical or virtual Windows server, desktop, or laptop.
  3. Fast recovery: Eliminate long cloud download wait times when restoring files, folders, and systems.
  4. Uninterrupted business continuity: Reduce downtime and simplify failback with accelerated bare-metal restores directly from the local cache.
  5. Demonstrate and test disaster recovery: Virtualize systems in the Axcient cloud, a private cloud, or directly on the local cache device to prove effectiveness (coming later in Q3).

Leverage the Economics of the Cloud

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