Axcient x360Recover: The Convergence of Replibit, BRC and Fusion

Published June 23, 2020

The Axcient vision is to Cure Data Loss, something the Axcient team is passionate about. With the release of the Axcient x360 Platform in November 2019 we set the stage for BCDR convergence. Now we’re excited to share that we have brought together our Replibit, BRC and Fusion BCDR products into the Axcient x360 Platform as Axcient x360Recover. By combining the tech from these products MSPs get best-in-class RPO and security from Replibit Chain-Free and AirGap, best-in-class RTO with BRC Runbooks and Virtual Office, and best-in-class Direct-to-Cloud tech from Fusion.

All without needing to convert or migrate from your existing Axcient BCDR product, the upgrades happen automatically.

The Axcient x360 Platform now includes the three core backup services every MSP depends on: BCDR with Axcient x360Recover, SaaS Backup with Axcient x360Cloud, and secure Sync & Share with Axcient x360Sync that also includes always-on endpoint backup. Axcient is the only 100% Channel company to provide all three backup services in one platform with one experience. Now that Axcient’s more than 100 developers are working from one codebase on one platform, Partners receive the additional benefit of increased product velocity and feature releases.

“Axcient x360Recover combines the best of Axcient BCDR to provide industry leading RPO, RTO, and security to our MSP partners. The name x360Recover represents features unique to Axcient like Chain-Free, AirGap, and AutoVerify – ensuring MSPs can always recover their client data. We are proud to accelerate our BCDR roadmap for MSPs and fulfill our mission to keep business running.”

– David Bennett, CEO at Axcient

Replibit + BRC + Fusion = Axcient x360Recover

Instead of chasing a multitude of tools to deliver the right solution for each client and causing a headache for techs with vendor sprawl, Axcient x360Recover
has the features and flexibility for a variety of clients in one solution. With Axcient x360Recover MSPs can support tiered BCDR offerings all the way from budget-conscious clients with lower RPO and RTO requirements to clients where even 1-hour of downtime is unacceptable. And every Axcient option incorporates critical capabilities like Chain-Free, AirGap, AutoVerify, Virtual Office, nearly unlimited storage, and secure long-term retention. Eliminate the overhead and costs of vendor sprawl with a unified experience that decreases downtime, increases productivity, and keeps businesses running securely.

With multi-tenant management, support, training, marketing, and billing in the Axcient x360 portal, your job as an MSP just got a lot less stressful. Here’s a summary of what each Axcient BCDR product brings to Axcient x360Recover…


+ 15 minute recovery point objective (RPO)
+ Chain-Free image-based backup
+ Industry best-in-class storage efficiency
+ Eliminate reseeding
+ Instant local virtualization


+ One hour recovery time objective (RTO)
+ Instant cloud virtualization with Virtual Office
+ Wizard-driven Runbook creation for point-and-click cloud virtualization
+ DR testing included


+ Direct-to-cloud backup and replication
+ WAN-optimized de-dupe tech
+ Automated scaling to exabytes
+ Agentless Hypervisor replication


As a long-time Axcient partner and Axcient Partner Advisory Council member, it is fantastic that Axcient listens to the partner community and has strengthened their investment in BCDR technology,” said Kevin Dunn, CEO at DataTrends. “We upgraded to Axcient x360Recover from Axcient BRC without conversion or migration and are already benefiting from valuable new features like AirGap. We’re very security conscious, so the new AirGap feature is critical to our managed services offering.”

– Kevin Dunn, CEO at Data Trends

Secure by Design with AirGap and AutoVerify

Axcient x360Recover comes complete with cutting-edge security and data protection technologies that make BCDR secure by design. Guarantee clients uninterrupted business continuity even after a sophisticated ransomware attack or data corruption with built-in protections AirGap and AutoVerify.

Never Pay the Ransom

Axcient AirGap is your fail-safe solution for getting data back even if your endpoint and firewall security is breached. Historically, “air gap” describes the
physical separation of sensitive networks, with a minimum distance between them, and requires physical movement for data to enter or exit the air gapped network.

Clearly, with new backup data being generated as often as every 15 minutes, it’s not practical for a human to physically move the data into an air gapped network in the traditional sense. So, we modernized the concept to account for what is not humanly possible…

Axcient AirGap technology delivers the benefits of physical air gapping but is fully automatic, always-on, and instantly applied to all received data in our Axcient Cloud.

Trust your backups with automated data corruption checks

Axcient AutoVerify relieves the work of tedious backup checks and verification against data corruption. An often labor-intensive and repetitive task that, while critical to do, does not provide visibile value to your clients, but takes precious time from MSP techs.

Instead, as part of the backup process Axcient AutoVerify automatically virtualizes the local backup appliance to the latest backup recovery point for each system and runs a battery of tests to check for bootability, operating system health, and filesystem and application integrity.

Quickly verify the health of all your protected systems, including backup snapshot statuses, bootVM checks, and results of the last data corruption test as part of aggregated health status data shown in the cloud management console. If something didn’t pass verification as required, you have clear insight and alerts into exactly which test failed for which systems, so you can act accordingly.

Axcient x360Recover supports integration into popular PSA/RMM tools so that AutoVerify data and bootVM screenshots can be seamlessly captured. Axcient x360Recover supports alerting and escalation rules so that techs are only notified when absolutely required. As part of Axcient x360Recover by default, you know AutoVerify intelligently tests your backup integrity, every time.

We are excited to provide Axcient x360Recover to our Partners with no conversion required. All MSPs now have a BCDR solution built for the channel without compromise. Axcient’s mission is to Keep Your Business Running – we lose sleep, so you don’t have to.

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