Axcient’s New Tech Best Practices Workshops Offer Interactive Training for MSP Technicians


Axcient has long been dedicated exclusively to managed service providers (MSPs), and with their newest events – specific to MSP technicians – this leader in IT solutions is focusing on tech. For years, Axcient has offered educational opportunities to the MSP community in the form of nation-wide lunch and learns, webinars and our unique partner experience. Focused on bringing the community together, sharing ideas, providing networking opportunities and introducing the latest and greatest solutions, these events have proven useful for all who attend.

Now, Axcient has created an interactive, tech best-practices workshop that speaks directly to MSP technicians – and it’s coming to a city near you. These lunchtime events are adding value, saving time and introducing innovative automation to MSPs for increased productivity and margin expansion.

Investing in the backbone of your business

Join us for an exclusive MSP Tech Best Practices WorkshopHow an MSP technician is utilized can be the difference between a successful MSP and a money-pit. As the backbone of any MSP, technicians are standing center-stage as the personnel who not only assess the value of a solution for clients, but also determine ease of use, integration potential and automation. Their ability to evaluate solution features, benefits and overall value to the MSP is paramount to every aspect of the business, including marketing, sales, support, operations and growth.

Axcient is highlighting and maximizing that value with our new tech best-practices workshops that go beyond your typical lunch and learn discussions. Of course, participants will still have the networking opportunities afforded at any industry event, but the benefit of “tech-focused” is everyone in the room speaks the same language and has similar goals.

These nation-wide workshops enable MSPs to get the most out of their technicians. Among the many ways these critical team members contribute to the business is by delivering customer satisfaction and loyalty through their expertise. MSPs can’t have enough technicians, so we’re focusing on efficient time management with innovative solution advancements. No longer do techs need to waste time on manual, low value, repetitive tasks, and that’s the purpose of these workshops.

3-part workshop provides actionable tech takeaways

As mentioned, networking opportunities are abundant when you’re in a room full of fellow techs, but that’s not the main benefit of our new workshops. These events emphasize MSP technician best-practices to elevate MSP offerings for the benefit of clients. The format goes as follows:

  • Subject matter experts, like a sales engineer or MSP technician, share a best practice relevant to utilizing technology to advance end-goals and increase return on investment (ROI). (15 minutes)
  • Interactive workshop gives participants the chance to apply or assess the best practice in their business through a hands-on activity focused on increasing productivity. (20 minutes)
  • Solutions demonstration provides real-world context for implementing the best practice for clients using best-in-class technology. (10 minutes)

Events are just an hour and fifteen minutes long in total, including time to network and enjoy an appetizer, lunch entrée of your choosing, and a trio of desserts. As always, lunch is on Axcient and there is absolutely no cost to participants for attending.

Instead, technicians come away with an understanding of where their time is spent to help the business determine whether those activities provide value or not. With new knowledge and perspective on best practices and the solutions for implementation, techs can share ideas and resources for improvements to automate or offload unproductive activities.

Overall, the experience techs gain from attending these niche workshops give them the opportunity to expand and enhance the solutions provided to clients. They can increase their industry circle by meeting both colleagues and experts in the field as well as learn something new to bring back to their MSP.

To find and register for the next msp tech best practices workshop (and other Axcient events) in your area, visit our Upcoming Events page and reserve your spot.

About The Author | Angus Robertson

As CRO at Axcient, Angus has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and technology and he is passionate about how technology can be applied to solve business problems. In his free time, you can find Angus tearing up a squash court or perusing his twitter feed for industry updates. Connect with Angus on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter, he’d love to connect and chat about the channel.