Cloud computing provides centralized and elastic computer resources available on demand without capital investment. You can also think of it like a utility – electricity, gas, telephone or cable TV.

Utilities are there when you need them, but most people don’t necessarily understand how utilities work from a technical perspective. Moreover, they don’t need to understand. For example, you don’t have to know how the electricity gets to your house in order to turn the lights on. The same is true with cloud computing resources. You don’t have to know how the cloud works in order to use the cloud to back up your laptop, your server or an entire network.

SMBs are not fundamentally interested in the technology of a solution, but rather what it can do for them and their business. Clearly, here at Axcient, we are passionate about technology. But more importantly, we are passionate about providing our partners and our customers with a solution that solves a major problem for them. We believe that backup, business continuity and disaster recovery should be simple for SMBs and that the complexity and technology should be buried behind the scenes, just as it is with utilities.

Cloud services are a great option for SMBs looking for safe, secure, and affordable backup. The cloud is very reliable – much more reliable than traditional tape backup methods that have been around forever (well, at least since the 1960s). And because the cloud leverages a shared grid of compute and storage, SMBs have access to enterprise functionality at SMB prices. Cloud services are often purchased as a subscription, which ensures access to the service on an ongoing basis. Axcient has built our service without start-up hardware fees, per GB fees or per user fees. So really, you pay a monthly subscription fee for the cloud service you use.

Finally, the convenience of cloud backup is what really sets it apart. It’s the peace of mind you get knowing that your access to your backup data is just as reliable, convenient and affordable as your access to electricity. Someone else is monitoring and managing the process, the hardware and the infrastructure so you can stay focused on managing your business.


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