Axcient Bare Metal Restore: Ultimate Data Recovery Solution for MSPs

Bare metal restore (BMR) is necessary in the event that a disaster is so catastrophic that a point-in-time restore is not available. It requires a complete wipe of the appliance before pulling backups from the cloud or another piece of hardware. While this last resort recovery method is not ideal, it’s an essential tool for data availability.


Bare metal restores are essential for building business resilience through data security. As an MSP, helping clients achieve resilience using robust backups, business continuity, and disaster recovery to ensure survival after a catastrophic event grows your business. Despite the criticality of BMR capabilities, a McKinsey survey of leading organizations revealed that 36% of respondents had no plans to recover from bare metal. Unfortunately, companies without bare metal restores, regardless of size, are not fully protected and their data is vulnerable.

Key Features of Bare Metal Restore with Axcient x360Recover

With Axcient, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can recover an entire protected system image back onto a newly repaired or replaced device – whether it is stored physically or virtually. Bare metal restores with x360Recover was designed to accelerate and simplify this typically labor-intensive recovery process, regardless of infrastructure.

Fast and Efficient Recovery Process

Axcient’s BMR accelerates catastrophic disaster recovery by eliminating the need to load an operating system before starting the recovery process. Using Axcient’s Recovery Wizard, MSPs can simply write the protected system image directly back to the recovered system. Since BMR is only used in worst-case scenarios – when ordinary recovery processes are not available – the speed offered by x360Recover can be a lifesaver.

During a data loss disaster, it’s up to MSPs to restore client systems as quickly as possible. Every minute a company is unable to serve its customers, complete business processes, communicate effectively, or stop a cyberattack from spreading, it’s posing a risk to that company’s longevity. To meet competitive service level agreements (SLA), preserve client relationships, and maintain a positive reputation, MSPs must deliver uninterrupted business continuity – no matter what. 

Flexible Disaster Recovery Options

The BMR Recovery Wizard offers several options for performing different types of disaster recovery based on where data is located. Although BMR is most often used with hardware devices, MSPs can also use virtual machines. Additionally, MSPs using x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) – Axcient’s appliance-free deployment option – can recover directly from the Local Cache, if one is deployed. If the Local Cache acceleration layer is not deployed, MSPs can still perform a bare metal restore with the Recovery Wizard.


Furthermore, bare metal restores to a target drive that is physically smaller than the original protected system drive is also available. However, there must be enough space on the target drive for the actual data IN-USE on the system to fit.

MBR and UEFI Disaster Recovery Support

Axcient developed a x360Recover Bare Metal Restore utility. This Linux Live CD-ROM is included in x360Recover for system recovery, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and general digital forensics. It supports both legacy Master Boot Record (MBR) and modern Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) system architectures and contains the following:


  • A wizard to help recover protected systems from an x360Recover appliance or vault directly back onto the replacement device – be it a physical or virtual machine device.
  • A driver to help inject critical device drivers into an offline Windows operating system to ensure that it boots properly after disaster recovery to dissimilar hardware.
  • A set of tools to help with disk partition disaster recovery and editing, file system repair, antivirus scanning, offline Windows registry editing, and disk cloning and imaging.

Step-by-step BMR instructions are also available in the Bare Metal Restore Guide and Axcient partner support is available 24/7/365 for all issues, so you’re never alone during a disaster.

Comprehensive Data Protection


Axcient gives MSPs the comprehensive data protection necessary to secure clients with a single, consolidated, and efficient BCDR solution. In addition to bare metal restores, x360Recover also includes anti-ransomware and data loss technology, automatic backup integrity testing, and self-managed disaster recovery and disaster recovery testing with near-instant virtualization.

Download the Bare Metal Restores with x360Recover Data Sheet


Benefits of Choosing Axcient for Bare Metal Restore 

Less Downtime and Business Impact

Remember, a bare metal restore is only used when a point-in-time restore is not possible due to the severity of the ransomware attack, natural disaster, or hardware failure. During these critical times, a bare metal restore can save countless dollars in time, labor, resources, customer relationships, and reputation.

Ideally, you never have to do a bare metal restore because, traditionally, it’s a long and cumbersome process. But now, MSPs can accelerate disaster recovery to reduce downtime and restore business as usual. Instead of needing to pre-load an operating system before recovery starts, MSPs can write the protected system image directly back to the recovered system.

Scalability and Flexibility

All-in-one BCDR solutions that satisfy multiple use cases and support long-term MSP growth reduce labor costs and other overhead expenses that come with juggling “one-trick-pony” products. Axcient x360Recover gives MSPs deployment and disaster recovery flexibility so you can expand your service offerings without driving up the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Axcient x360Recover protects data with endpoint backup, hardware-free BDR, full-service BDR, and public or private cloud backup, plus bare metal restores from an appliance, from a vault with Local Cache or without, and from a virtual disk image – all with one solution and one vendor. What is your stack really costing your MSP?

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Depending on industry and location, many clients are required to protect their customer’s data with backups and disaster recovery. Failing to comply with these standards can result in steep penalties and fines and, in some states, required reporting of the incident. To protect clients and MSPs from suffering these results, your BCDR solution must include bare metal restore as a backup (pun intended) to traditional disaster recovery.

Axcient x360Recover is SOC 2 certified and can help MSPs be HIPAA and GDPR-compliant, in part, due to bare metal restore capabilities. Armed with these additional guardrails for worst-case-scenario disaster recovery, you always have a plan B if plan A goes upside down.

Expert Support and Guidance

Bare metal restores are rare, but technicians need to move quickly and confidently to restore protected systems. MSPs with x360Recover can rely on Axcient Support 24/7/365 in addition to referencing the Bare Metal Restore Guide, where the Bare Metal Restore utility can be downloaded.

For new technicians or people who want to learn more about BMR or any of Axcient’s capabilities, they have access to unlimited product training and certification via live, on-demand, or 1:1 sessions, both online and in-person. These tools increase technician knowledge and mastery for faster and more reliable disaster recovery.

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