Evolving Environments Demand Flexible BDR

How many backup vendors do you use for business continuity and disaster recovery?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are tasked with continually navigating the demands of evolving remote enablement. As you attempt to move with the digital transformation, the way to win profits, clients, and security is with a single flexible backup and disaster recovery (BDR) vendor. Your job is getting increasingly difficult with a variety of IT infrastructures, shifting client preferences, hundreds of networks and ingress points, evolving BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, rising ransomware and growing cyber-attacks. It’s critical to focus your attention and resources on a flexible BDR solution that’s more than a ‘one-trick pony’.

Keep it Simple…Service Providers

The KISS principle, or “Keep it simple, stupid” may seem a bit harsh, but the design principle is relevant for efficient service delivery, growth, and profit potential. Unfortunately, what often happens is the opposite of simple. Motivated by the desire to meet all of your clients’ needs, many well-intentioned MSPs end up getting buried under multiple vendors. A fractured stack leads to vendor sprawl with a different vendor for each backup structure. One for end point backup, another for disk and cloud backup, yet one more for turn-key BDR, and finally public and private cloud backup.

MSPs are left with significantly higher operational costs after having to juggle each vendor’s unique process for onboarding, training, certification, billing, and support. As the time, effort, cost, and resources necessary to manage these moving parts increases, your ability to operate efficiently and meet client service level-agreements (SLAs) can suffer. The simplest way to eliminate these issues is to use one backup vendor for all clients. Up until now, that hasn’t been possible. Fortunately, the flexibility you need to add value, grow profits, streamline operations, and Protect Everything™ is now available.

One Backup Vendor for All

As a 100% channel-focused BCDR solutions provider, Axcient identified these MSP challenges  and launched x360Recover – Direct-to-Cloud. Now, MSPs can simply manage all client backup infrastructures under one roof with a unified support processes.x360Recover - Direct-to-Cloud

“There’s a lot of flexibility in being able to carve out a way to achieve our client’s goals, and do it in a way that is effective from a cost standpoint and what you’re trying to accomplish in general.”

– Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions and Axcient Partner

Feature Rich BDR for Data Protection No Matter What

Remote work enablement hit hard and fast in 2020. Hasty environments were created without preparation, security often came second to accessibility, and novice users were exposed on insufficient at-home infrastructures. Of course, cyber criminals took notice, and the spike in cyber-attacks continues to be a top concern today.

  • Recover – Direct-to-Cloud protects remote endpoints without any local appliance necessary. No hardware means no onsite maintenance costs, expensive appliances, limitations, or stress.
  • AirGap stops data from being deleted accidentally or maliciously, by separating data deletion requests from the mechanics of data deletion.
  • AutoVerify performs regular data integrity checks, so there’s no fear of failed backups and no reason to check – notifications alert if there’s a problem.
  • Virtual Office enables self-managed disaster recovery and virtualization in the cloud within minutes for uninterrupted business continuity even after a device is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Chain-free backup technology sends data straight to the secure Axcient Cloud, or a client’s private data center, to meet compliance regulations with total control.

And because Recover – Direct-to-Cloud runs in parallel with existing backups, there’s no costly and cumbersome rip and replace required. Just deploy the agent through your RMM tools silently, configure your backup schedule, and it will do the rest. No server reboots or deactivation of existing products. Once Recover – Direct-to-Cloud is up and running, easily remove the other backup agents, and enjoy automatic, reboot-free upgrades from Axcient as new features deploy.

Just as you’d expect from appliance-based backup, Recover – Direct-to-Cloud delivers a 15-minute recovery point objective (RPO), and a minutes-long recovery time objective (RTO). With all of these built-in, always-on features, MSPs reap the benefits of a single vendor architecture, including lowering your total cost of managed services (TCMS), while giving clients what they need – flexibility, security, and focused MSPs.

BYODC: Your Data Center or Ours?

Axcient’s agile roll-out of Recover – Direct-to-Cloud continues to deliver new innovations regularly. A recent release includes private cloud deployment through BYODC or Bring Your Own Data Center. MSPs can choose what IT infrastructure they want to deploy when backing up data. Utilize the secure, SOC 2 compliant Axcient Cloud, or if clients have their own data center, store, replicate, and deploy data with BYODC to meet industry-specific guidelines.

Flexible BDR deployments enable MSPs to backup directly from their preferred data center and store in the Axcient Cloud. The Recover – Direct-to-Cloud vault is easy to install and setup on any Ubuntu certified server, or appliance-based backup. Configuration is also simplified for private cloud vault destination for offsite data. In addition to the added flexibility, BYODC provides cost savings for MSPs that have built up their own data center infrastructure. Leverage the investment by replicating Recover – Direct-to-Cloud backups to your data center to offer a lower cost option that only requires the license.

So, are backup vendors bogging you down?

Standardize on Axcient x360Recover – Direct-to-Cloud to ensure your clients’ businesses keep running – no matter what. Near-instant recovery through streamlined processes within a single pane of glass portal makes backup management easy for MSPs. Focus on your clients and growing your MSP rather than wasting time, resources, money, and technical expertise on legacy backup tools. Get feature-rich BDR that meets the needs of all your clients under one roof.

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