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Since launching Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) backup and disaster recovery (BDR) in early 2021, Axcient has received some frequently asked questions at Lunch & Learn events, during webinars, and after D2C Speed Demos. Take a look to get more information about this innovative solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients.

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Does Axcient sign-off on security standards and regulation compliance?

Yes. Axcient will always provide you with SOC 2 reports, compliance standards, encryption methodologies, and complete security questionnaires on a regular basis. Whatever you need to meet the regulations in your industry, Axcient is here to help. If a vendor is not willing to do this, do not work with them! Full stop. You’re putting your data, your MSP, and your customer’s business at risk with questionable security practices.

Because our business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution can deploy in a variety of ways – from a private cloud, to D2C, to appliance-based – x360Recover fulfills a number of compliance must-haves. Options, flexibility, and simplicity, provide options to suit a multitude of security environments. For instance, if you’re in a high compliance environment, where you need granular controls over data storage and access, D2C with private cloud is a great option. Plus, Axcient will help MSPs be HIPAA and GDPR compliant, and Axcient is SOC 2 certified.

What is the pricing for virtual machine servers vs. physical machines?

The same Direct-to-Cloud agent can be deployed onto a virtual machine, physical machine, workstation, or server. Licensing costs differ based on the operating system (OS) that the agent is being deployed to – whether it’s a server OS, or a workstation OS.

Axcient designed Direct-to-Cloud with the goal of simplifying backup for MSPs. We’re 100% channel-focused, so we’re here to help you grow your business – not juggle backup management. You’ve got enough to worry about between compliance, regulations, security, training, and so on, so we made backup pretty painless.

  • Flat rate pricing for servers, endpoints, and workstations make costs predictable and consistent.
  • Unlimited storage and retention is included, so there’s no fear of overages or surprise fees. Whether you have 500 GB or 4 TB, your price stays the same. Retention for 5, 7, or 10 years comes with no additional costs.
  • Deploy silently through your RMM tools and in parallel with any backup vendor. Configure your backup schedule, and you’re done. No ‘rip and replace’ or downtime.
  • Hardware-free eliminates the cost, complications, stress, limitations, and wasted resources of on-prem.

Is local performance interrupted during endpoint or server backup?

The only time performance could be a factor is during the initial backup – when large amounts of data are transferring over the WAN or LAN. If there are any performance impacts, you can minimize the amount of resources being utilized during backups. You have full flexibility there. In general, 99% of the time, end users don’t notice anything different during endpoint backup. If they do, it’s easy to adjust resource allocation.

What’s coming next for D2C?

Our agile roll-out of new Direct-to-Cloud BDR features continues throughout 2021. We’re working on Linux support first, then Mac, and Teams data as well. The most exciting up-and-coming functionality is local cache. Local cache enables fast, local recovery for file folder, BMR, and local virtualization using a plug-in drive, and your workstation. It can be used on all D2C endpoints, workstations, and servers.

Local cache is encrypted and gives you a cache copy for speedy recovery. Additionally, you have your full cloud option as well. If your local device is compromised, or the local cache is corrupted, locked, or encrypted, you still have your cloud copy. While local cache is for fast local recovery of file folder, for instance, it’s not a full replacement for a local BDR appliance. A multi-layers security approach is necessary to protect you and your customer’s from today’s cyber threats.

How do I learn more about Direct-to-Cloud?

Visit our Upcoming Events page for the opportunity to see Direct-to-Cloud in action. Speed Demos are just 15 minutes long – 9 minutes of demo, plus 6 minutes of rapid fire questions. You can also schedule a private demo with an Axcient Product Expert.

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