Fast Track to Partner Success

Axcient is 100% channel focused and is dedicated specifically to MSP success. To highlight this dedication to the partner experience, we launched the Axcient Fast Track to Partner Success Campaign. Over several months, we invited the MSP community to demo one of our Business Continuity solutions and find out for themselves what separates Axcient from the competition. And to sweeten the deal, we offered a BMW 3 Series (or cash prize) to one lucky individual.

We recently sent our Vice President of Global Sales, Sean Harvey, and Regional Sales Manager, Jeremy Ross, down to San Antonio to meet with our winner and hand deliver his chosen reward, a giant check.  The two sat down with our lucky winner, Axcient Partner Robert Serna of REALTIME Managed Services Company, to chat everything from what it’s like to hear you’ve won a massive sweepstakes to his experience as an Axcient partner. CHECK out (pun intended) his interview below.

Axcient: How did you learn about our Fast Track to Partner Success Campaign?
Robert Serna: I learned about the giveaway via email. The email came in saying “This sweepstakes will be gone in 60 seconds.” I was like WHAT? Then it further said Nov 9, so I had time.

A: Walk us through how it was to hear the news that you had won our sweepstakes.
RS: It was quite surreal, receiving a phone call from a guy from New York saying I had won a BMW. Particularly in the climate we live in and actually knowing people who have been taken by fake sweepstakes scammers.  But I took a minute to think: I do know Axcient, I did sign up for the sweepstakes, this MUST be real!   

A: You’re a new partner. Have you been considering our company for a while?
RS: Well, I think I have been receiving emails from you guys since 2015 and have been seeing your brand at all of the different tech shows and conferences the past couple of years. Finally, after Nik Vigil got me to spend a few minutes on the phone with him, as he shared all the benefits of Anchor, I was sold.

A: What was it about our file sync and share solution, Anchor that was particularly appealing to you?
RS: Easily and securely syncing files across devices without the need for VPN. With all the requirements to be HIPAA compliant, that is what sold us. We have clients trying to use SharePoint, OneDrive, DropBox but Anchor just works better.

A: Can you describe your onboarding experience so far?
RS: Onboarding has been great! Having Zander as our dedicated onboarding consultant has made this process very easy. He has made some excellent suggestions regarding “best practices” and if he isn’t sure about some issue, he has his backup team which then come up with the best solutions.

A: What are you most looking forward to about being an Axcient partner?
RS: We’d like to keep implementing Anchor with more clients and begin using the other Axcient products like CloudFinder and Replibit to help our clients keep their data secure.

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