Get Ready for World Backup Day with these 5 Data Backup Best Practices


Written by Tom Watson

World Backup Day is an independent initiative that raises awareness about backups and data preservation. This year’s reminder to back up so you don’t lose out is Sunday, March 31st. Take advantage of this dedicated day to back up your data before April 1st – aka April Fools’ Day – when the joke will be on you if you lose unrecoverable data.

In honor of World Backup Day, discover 5 best practices for efficient and effective data backups.

  1. Off-site: Always make sure there is a second copy of your data in a different physical location.
  2. Redundancy: Don’t just back it up once. Make sure you always have a primary and secondary backup of all critical data.|
  3. Retention: When it comes to emails and file versions, make sure you can go back as far as you need, or is necessary to meet compliancy requirements in your industry.
  4. RTO (Recover Time Objective):  It’s one thing to have a backup but knowing how long it will take to restore your data from that backup is also important. Make sure your critical data can be restored within a time period that allows you to get back to business fast.
  5. Security: For whatever backup solution you choose, make sure your data is encrypted before it leaves your systems and remains that way both in transit and when stored.

These best practices should be considered whenever you’re backing up. If these aren’t part of your current solution, reach out to your IT solutions provider and ask the hard questions. Ultimately, it is your data and only you can make sure you’re not the Fool come April 1st.

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