Assets dashboard within the Axcient Marketing Portal

New Axcient Marketing Portal Provides MSPs with Done-for-You Resources

By Lucy Jones

With so much competition in the IT channel, it’s important for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to differentiate themselves with their industry knowledge, values, reputation, and solution stack. Using strategic marketing campaigns that include actionable takeaways paired with impactful content, MSPs can grow their business by providing the expertise and services customers need.

With that said, many MSPs struggle to find the resources and time necessary to implement effective marketing campaigns. Juggling multiple social media platforms, targeted email messages, updated website copy and useful content requires long-term planning, ongoing optimization, and budget. Of course there are marketing hacks that can provide some influence, but for the best return, MSPs need a repository of ready-to-go resources.

Understanding the need and benefit of a full-scale marketing operation leads many MSPs to outsource their public persona, relying on an external marketing agency. All too often, contractors present a polished plan that looks amazing as an overall concept, but when put into practice, the messaging can get lost. The problem isn’t with outsourcing your marketing tasks, it’s the fact that most marketing agencies don’t understand the intricacies of the channel…until now.

Built-In Marketing So You Don’t Have To

Based on years of feedback and channel-specific experience with MSPs around the globe, Axcient is proud to introduce your built-in marketing team. The Axcient Marketing Portal, or “AMP” for short, is transforming the way MSPs handle the stresses of marketing. Accessible through the Axcient x360 Portal, the AMP gives Partners the branded marketing resources they need to efficiently and effectively highlight, educate, and sell their products using their unique voice and can be launched with a few clicks of the mouse.

Access to the AMP and the tools included, come as part of the Axcient Partner Program. There are no additional charges or restrictions on how much or how often MSPs utilize the portal. Current functions include:

  • Brandable assets like data sheets, one-pagers, and brochures can be downloaded, copied and shared with Axcient cobranding.
  • Personalized email campaigns are autogenerated with your company’s logo and contact information, and can be updated to match your brand and voice.
  • Custom social campaigns can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with just a couple of clicks.
  • Engagement reporting gives you insight into how prospects are interacting with your campaigns. Upload a list of contacts to track links, email opens, and clickthrough-rates (CTRs), as well as shares and copies.
  • Marketing development funds (MDF) empower partners to create joint marketing events like webinars, in-person workshops and sponsorship opportunities, with funding and influence from Axcient.

Value-First Campaigns Boost More than Just Sales

Not only does the AMP make marketing easy for MSPs, it increases brand authority, thought-leadership, and the value provided to your prospects and customers. We do not recommend blasting contacts with outrageous advertisements, pushy emails, make-believe urgency or any other fear-based messaging that just isn’t true.

The content provided in the AMP is geared toward education and increasing knowledge. An informed prospect will always choose the best services available and we know that is inherently reflected in MSP business growth. Axcient service offerings don’t need the bogey man to get attention. With engaging content and relevant topics discussed by industry experts, your prospects will trust you to provide the business continuity solutions they need. It’s not just the solutions they’re investing in, it’s a transparent relationship built on your ability to keep their business going.

Partner to Go Big, Without Going All In.

Axcient has always prided itself on the experience we cultivate with our Partners. With the AMP, we’re able to take that partnership to the next level. Marketing development funds give MSPs the opportunity to expand their presence both online and in-person.

Through the AMP, Partners can pitch marketing events that include Axcient to highlight our successful partnership, while growing together. Many MSPs use “Lunch & Learn” formats to entice new customers with a free meal and an overview of a specific solution or topic that’s helpful to their business. Lead generation events, like these, increase brand awareness and can drive sales with the right marketing support resources (like the ones you’ll find in the AMP).

Not only do our MSPs get a partner-branded event with Axcient, including an Axcient expert for presentation and product knowledge, but we’ll also cover up to half of the cost of the event. Of course, the details are worked out between our marketing team and our partner, but we love teaming up to spread the word about real business continuity. Don’t be shy, let us know what you have in mind!

The Axcient Marketing Portal launched in June 2019 with initial stages of functionality. Additional resources and capabilities will be added, and maintenance and optimizations will be made on a continual basis.