As we trek through the 21st century, educational institutions are adopting a forward-looking approach by leveraging today’s technological advances to provide students with a top-notch learning experience. Education professionals need things to just work and are heavily relying on technology for every day school functions from teaching students, to administration, to preserving vital information. One small error can result in catastrophic consequences. The question then becomes simple: how do schools best protect their IT infrastructure?

The Pennington School is one such school embracing technology as a tool in the classroom. Pennington used to pay for a hodgepodge of costly backup solutions. Data was being backed up with Symantec Backup Exec to a Quantum tape device, and the tape was sent to Iron Mountain for offsite storage and archival. Veeam was used for virtual machines (VMs) to provide server replication.

This system proved too costly and took too much time. With the exorbitant pricing structures from multiple vendors and fraught with additional costs to recover data when disaster struck, this Frankenstein of a backup solution fell short of providing Pennington the adequate resilience they were paying for. “The cost was high and the man hours were tedious – not to mention the additional costs of having to retrieve a tape from Iron Mountain in case of a disaster” explained Ken Coakley, Direct of Technology at The Pennington School.

Disaster struck when a critical VM for day-to-day applications that teachers needed to continue the day’s lessons failed. The image for the failed VM replicated using Symantec Backup Exec was corrupted, and the Pennington IT team had to spend two days with VMware and Symantec rebuilding the VM. Pennington knew that it was time for a change and found their answer with Axcient. By consolidating all of the solutions under a single integrated Cloud platform, the Axcient solution allowed for easy day-to-day monitoring and alerts, dramatically reducing the time management costs of the team.

The price? Pennington was ecstatic to be paying a fair price for a resilient protection solution with innovative Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity features, coupled with quick and efficient customer support. Whether it’s spinning up a VM when a critical device fails, restoring a system image to a device, or quickly restoring files when a staff member accidently deletes them, the Pennington IT team knows their data is finally just a few clicks away.

Now The Pennington School and its IT team is sleeping easy knowing Axcient has got their back whenever disaster happens to strike.

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