Securely Empowering Employee Collaboration with Axcient x360Sync

With remote work, work from home (WFH), and work from anywhere (WFA) environments in high-demand, securely empowering employee collaboration is a must for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Adding to the burden on MSPs is the spike in ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Today, in order to ensure uninterrupted business continuity, comprehensive backup, and fast restore, your file sync and share solution has to do more. 

Unlike consumer file sync and share options, Axcient x360Sync provides file server migration, hybrid on-premise and cloud file services, continuous backup, and compliance for regulated verticals. Axcient x360Sync supports all the fundamental requirements you expect for secure cloud collaboration and more.

Additionally, Axcient x360Sync offers flat-fee pooled storage and secure long-term retention so MSPs and your customers never worry about surprise overages and hidden fees. Ransomware rollback allows for any point-in-time restore in the case of accidental and malicious deletion, or a cyber-attack. Axcient not only ensures employees can collaborate, but protects your business-critical data no matter what.

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