Every day, IT managers wake up hoping they can get through the next 24 hours without a disaster. Power outages, software or hardware failures, and even the weather can result in unplanned downtime—costing your business thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. But what about ransomware? Ransomware like Cryptolocker. Most of us seem to selectively forget about the threats we face every time we open an email or browse the web. Cryptolocker is a virus that encrypts all data on drives connected to the same network, and can only be released or “unlocked” when you pay a ransom fee (and obviously, this can be expensive!). This sort of virus can infect any server, laptop, or workstation at any time. Realistically: Ransomware may be difficult to avoid, but the great news is, it’s easy to build a defense against a virus like Cryptolocker.

Your best defense is to deploy a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan that ensures your business is protected and always up and running. This short whitepaper, The Disaster Recovery Maturity Framework, will help you put this plan together.

Once brands know where they sit on the DR maturity level curve, many turn to the Axcient Business Recovery Cloud. I have been on numerous client calls that involve discussion around customers falling victim to ransomware, and more frequently, Cryptolocker. Clients explain how Axcient saved them from what could have been a disaster. Once hit with the virus, they can easily and instantly failover or spin up a virtual machine locally or in the Axcient cloud to allow continuous access to data and applications, all while they recover clean files back. Our most recent customer, Gayron de Bruin, a land surveying and engineering company, encountered a virus hit, and here is how they responded

“It wasn’t long until the Axcient solution was put to the test. An employee workstation was hit with the Cryptolocker virus, and overnight the ransomware completely took over all of the network drives locking all the data and rendering it useless. Our latest restore point was less than 30 minutes before the virus hit, so we instantly spun up a virtual server locally, and within no time we were able to recover all of the clean files to our main server. It was like the incident never even happened.”

Jason Graf, Vice President, Gayron de Bruin

Read the short case study to see how they were able to fully recover with Axcient.


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