Video – See a System Recovery After a Ransomware Attack in Just Minutes with x360Recover 

How does Axcient’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution with your current BDR product? Watch this 5-ish minute video to see both local and cloud recovery with Direct-to-Cloud, proprietary Chain-Free technology, instant virtualization, Local Cache, AirGap, and more.

It can feel overwhelming to even think about having to move solutions – but sticking to inadequate data security can be fatal for your MSP. Take a quick look at what makes Axcient different to see how we’re saving some MSPs up to 50% each month on backup alone. How much could you save with an all-in-one solution?



Over 85% of MSPs Have Reported Ransomware Attacks on Their Clients

With Axcient x360Recover, you can ensure clients never pay a ransom. We deliver reliable recovery that doesn’t depend on high maintenance chain technology or expensive appliances. Instead, x360Recover for comprehensive BCDR is a single chain-free platform that provides data protection and business continuity for multiple use cases

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In the video above, we demonstrate how x360Recover makes it easy for you to recover a system in minutes. So whether it’s after a ransomware attack, another cyber incident, or natural disaster  – both locally and in the cloud – Axcient is there for you and your clients.

Let’s say a client receives an urgent email from their “CEO.” It’s a targeted phishing attempt, but the unassuming employee opens the email and clicks the attachment. BAM! It exploits a zero-day vulnerability to escalate privileges and deploy ransomware on the machine. No worries! With x360Recover, recovery can involve a local backup appliance or our Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) solution.

Download the x360Recover D2C Data Sheet for an easy-to-digest overview

The Pros and Cons of Traditional Recovery Options

Appliances have many advantages, including quick recovery, but many small to medium-sized (SMB) clients find them to be too expensive. Not to mention that with the digital transformation, some clients no longer have brick-and-mortar offices to house servers anymore. Instead, they may run a virtual appliance in the cloud, which can also be costly. The alternative is image-based backups to DISK that then replicate to the cloud, but that also presents some challenges.

The overarching problem is that legacy solutions build a backup chain. First with a full backup, then incremental backups. As an MSP, you have to install additional software locally to manage that backup chain. And despite the best management efforts, a chain can break and cause permanent data loss.

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x360Recover: Cost-Effective, Chain-Free, Easy-to-Manage

As a 100% MSP-only solutions provider, Axcient created a solution for MSPs to overcome these backup woes. Proprietary Chain-Free technology delivers affordable standardization with near-instant recovery for multiple use cases. Watch the video to see just how easy recovery can be.

For appliance deployments:

  1. Log into the Axcient x360Recover backup and log into the appliance. Axcient offers turnkey appliances, or you can use any X86 compatible hardware.
  2. Find the protected system and click ‘Start VM’ to virtualize the system. You’ll see that x360Recover has been taking backups every hour on the hour.
  3. Select the backup one hour prior to the ransomware attack.
  4. Give it some resources to boot up. Then, hit ‘Start.’

It does all the conversions in just a few seconds and virtualizes this recovery point. Just like that, the data is recovered to a pre-ransomware state. The system is back up and running locally on the network for your client. All the documents are unencrypted. The user will continue to be protected with backups while running in this environment. You can shut down the infected machine and preserve it for forensics for your cyber insurance carrier. That’s how you do a local recovery.

Now, to do virtualization in the cloud:

  1. Log into the Axcient x360Recover management portal
  2. Find the client, and click on the ‘Recovery Wizard.’
  3. Select ‘Make it Virtual,’ then select ‘Start a Virtual Office.’ It takes just a couple of minutes to run in the Axcient Cloud, fully virtualized and isolated from the original environment.
  4. Log in through the console. End users can log in through port forwarding, client endpoint VPN, or even IPSEC site-to-site VPN. Once logged in, client work can continue as usual.

That’s how easy Direct-to-Cloud recovery is with x360Recover.

Local Cache: Fast Recovery Without the Pricey Hardware

Additionally, you can generate a local cache on a USB drive or NAS device as an optional feature of x360Recover D2C. It’s still utilizing Axcient’s Chain-Free technology, so there is no additional software to manage and nothing to break. Local Cache allows you to quickly recover current or historical data, including file and folder recovery, instant virtual export to VMDK and VHDX, and even instant virtualization through integration with Hyper-V.

Download the Local Cache for x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud Data Sheet to see how it works

Additional x360Recover Features and Critical Capabilities

Runbooks are pre-configured network settings associated with each customer environment. You can set them up in advance to instantly inform which servers and which virtual machines should run in what order and what local networks to set up. Set them, test them, and they’re ready to implement with no delay at the time of an incident.

30-days of virtualization per server, per year, is included at no extra cost with the cloud. This makes it easier to be ready for a ransomware attack when it happens.

AirGap technology, both on the appliance and in the cloud, mitigates unauthorized deletion of backups by holding them in a safety archive for weeks before they can be deleted. So even with a very sophisticated ransomware attack, the Axcient recovery points are immutable.

Download the Axcient AirGap Technology Overview to learn how our anti-ransomware technology tricks the bad guys and ensures data availability.

Ready to See the Real Thing?

Axcient solves data protection and business continuity for your clients by protecting servers, desktops, on or off-premise workstations – whether virtualized or physical – as well as virtual machines running in the Azure Cloud or other public clouds. For what previously was the cost of a backup, Axcient delivers full business continuity. One platform for MSPs to Protect Everything.

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