MSPs are Excited for Hardware-Free BDR Now More Than Ever

Managed service providers (MSPs) have had a challenging year responding to the rapid tech requirements of COVID-19. New endpoint requirements, virtual offices, and more than 50% of the workforce going remote has spurred a digital transformation we didn’t see coming. Sure, remote work was on the rise, and many were flirting with the idea of satellite offices and dispersed employees, but no one was prepared for the sudden demands of the new security profile.

With phishing attacks spiking, data accessibility crucial, questionable security environments at home and on personal devices, and cost-savings essential, Axcient acted quickly. As a leading business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) provider, Axcient accelerated the release of Direct-to-Cloud hardware-free backup to address these new challenges.

Robert Cioffi, COO and Co-Founder of Progressive Computing, and Nick Wiley, Technical Account Manager at Longleaf System & Network Specialists, are taking advantage of the new innovation offered by Direct-to-Cloud. Both Axcient Partners agree that Direct-to-Cloud helps a variety of clients mobilize quickly and safely regardless of their backup needs.

Market Driven Innovation

Progressive Computing joined Axcient nearly 15 years ago. Looking for a backup partner to cover both file folder and BDR, Robert chose Axcient for both services, thereby simplifying his stack. Now, with Direct-to-Cloud, he’s able to continue gaining the operational benefits of a standard stack. Axcient meets all of your client’s backup needs with one solution, Axcient x360Recover.

Axcient Direct-to-Cloud enables hardware-free BDR and endpoint backup for remote workers and satellite offices. Combined with Axcient’s existing best-in-class appliance-based options, including full service BDR and public cloud backup, MSPs can avoid the consequences of vendor sprawl with just one BCDR vendor. Rather than managing the training, onboarding, billing, and support services required for a variety of vendors, MSPs can simplify backup management under one roof.

Robert acknowledges Axcient for both innovation and listening as a testament to how Direct-to-Cloud aligns with client needs. “What you’ve come up with, is a wonderful way to show how you thought about all of the traditional backup technologies, and how to push it forward, and marry it to market needs. This is brilliant stuff. We’re so excited about the ability to do Direct-to-Cloud for servers either in our private cloud, or in the Azure platform.”

He goes on to say, “As a Axcient Partner Advisory Council member, I’ve not only heard you listen to us, but I’ve heard you listen to the entire market in terms of what’s really needed. These are awesome technologies and I think you’ve delivered some really great innovative solutions for us, so thanks!”

New Use Cases for the Digital Transformation

Nick says every one of the backup services now provided by Axcient x360Recover fits the need of a Longleaf client. Hardware-free BDR with endpoint backup, for example, is helping a number of clients who have decided to close their offices for good, and transition to a full-time remote environment. He says, “we’ve got to be able to very quickly take a client who we we’re protecting with Axcient x360Recover, and then protect them as they leave.”

Axcient Direct-to-Cloud is especially attractive to Longleaf because of the largest vertical they serve, veterinarian clinics. One large client owns a number of different sites and purchases 30 or more clinics at a time. Longleaf is responsible for onboarding all the clinics quickly, which can be a challenge. Nick explains, “Just flat getting the hardware appliances out to them in a timely manner is difficult to say the least. Being able to crank on protection on day one, and just change the target once we get an appliance there is kind of a unique case.”

Additionally, Longleaf has begun moving clients to the Azure public cloud system, and needed a way to back up during migration. Nick says, “We’re used to using x360Recover and we love that product, and want to stick with it. We’re trained on it, so being able to do that now is amazing. We’re excited about it.”

Axcient Direct-to-Cloud gives MSPs and their clients the same functionality and use cases expected with traditional, hardware-based BDR, but without a BDR appliance and the stress, limitations, and cost that come with it. As remote work environments continue to be necessary, Direct-to-Cloud and the other backup capabilities within x360Recover, make BCDR simple.

See how x360 Recover and Direct-to-Cloud can expand your services while simplifying management and providing a last line of defense – no matter where data is accessed. Schedule a Demo or Start Your 14-day Trial Today!

About the Author:
Liz Mellem // Technical Copywriter, Axcient

Liz Mellem has been a freelance copywriter for over three years in the technology, education, and alternative medicine industries. She produces content, sales collateral, and email marketing campaigns that contribute to digital marketing strategies for sales growth and brand awareness. In her free time, Liz enjoys reading, exploring Austin, and Netflix with her cat, Harlem.