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Please check our Knowledgebase for x360Recover Essential Users Guide

Before you can access x360Recover D2C, you will first need to complete registration of your x360Portal account, if you did not previously have access. If you did not receive an email to complete registration, please contact your Representative.

Please note, if you have not completed registration of your account, the “forgot password” function will not work.

To help minimize deployment setbacks, it is important to review information on Parallel deployments, Bandwidth requirements, and Firewall ports. Additional information can be found in this Knowledgebase Article

The Protected System will automatically get set to whatever is specified as the default policy(schedule).  Depending on what the default schedule is set to, backups may start right away and potentially be unthrottled, which could have immediate impact on user experience. Having a policy pre-built allows you to quickly switch to a policy appropriate for client’s environment and working schedule.

For additional information on this topic, please click here.

To Apply a backup schedule, you will first need to add a client within the Vault GUI.  Consider using a standardized naming convention to differentiate your clients, this will allow for cleaner management and reporting. Please note, once the client’s name has been saved, it cannot be changed.

Within the Vault GUI, you can begin to download and install the Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) agent software on protected systems. As an administrator, you will install the agent onto each protected device that you support.

We recommend (a) leaving third party backup solutions installed while the initial full backup is being completed, and (b) adjusting the scheduling so that the existing backups run during business hours with the x360 agent running outside of business hours until completed, to avoid any gap in backup coverage.

 Note: The installation file is only valid for 14 days from the time of download. Installing from an expired agent installer file will fail and register invalid token errors within the log file. The file can be installed on all protected systems (servers & workstations) for that client.

For additional best practices click here

There are a variety of file & folder recovery options with x360Recover. For additional details on each option click here

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