New Replibit AirGap Promises Near Instant Recovery from Ransomware Attacks


Ransomware is one of the most aggressive and prevalent forms of malware threatening managed service providers (MSPs). With successful corruption taking place every 12 seconds, and a 41% increase in affected organizations from 2018 to 2019, it’s crucial that MSPs proactively implement a comprehensive safeguard.

Axcient’s Replibit AirGap is the cost-effective, quick recovery solution MSPs can trust to stand-up to ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Released in late 2019, Replibit partners can now rely on AirGap to get their data back online fast, without paying ransom or suffering other detrimental consequences. In this post, learn what AirGap is, gain insights into the benefits, and consider how your current backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution compares.

When ransomware attacks…

Based on the statistics above, there’s no question about the rising popularity of ransomware among cyber criminals, and the susceptibility of MSPs. Because MSPs secure and protect other businesses, there is a lot of data to be held ransom when attacking an MSP. Why attack just one company, when you can attack a number of companies all at once, with the same amount of effort? So it’s not a question of if your MSP will be attacked, but when.

Without an extensive BDR solution in place, many businesses are inclined to pay the ransom in return for their data. According to The New York Times, the average price of a ransom demand was $190,946 in 2019, so it’s not every business can stay in operation after paying such a high price. Additionally, paying the ransom provides no guarantee that data will be released. Therefore, we do not recommend paying the ransom.

Additionally, data breaches can lead to expensive fines from the regulatory agencies that define our data protection laws. Another element to consider is the cost of an attack on your business reputation. Once customers find out their data was compromised they will most likely seek security with another MSP. And as you probably know, word travels fast when things go wrong.

Instead of worrying about the business-crushing results of a ransomware attack, rely on AirGap to get your data back online quickly, and potentially save your MSP from closing.

Gain control over hardware maintenance

Purchased hardware is out of your control once it’s sold. That means your clients are in charge of vital maintenance like upgrade and recycle terms. Unfortunately, clients often hold on to devices longer than they should, or opt-out of protecting their entire environment. These risky practices put them at risk for data loss and business interruption. Of course, you can still recommend maintenance as needed (and should), but you have no control over how and when that is completed.

Not only does this put your clients in danger, but it’s also a threat to your business, your relationship with your clients, and your reputation. If the hardware fails, regardless of your recommendations, clients are going to come to you for recovery. If recovery isn’t possible, you could lose the client.

Renting BDR hardware puts you back in the driver’s seat as the owner of that hardware. With control over upgrade and recycle terms, you can guarantee hardware performance, access it as needed and make the best decisions for the safety of your clients.

What is AirGap?

AirGap saves and protects a snapshot of your data so it can be restored in the event of a malicious or accidental deletion. It’s your second line of defense when there’s a cyber-attack on your backup files. Here’s how it works…

The chain-free Replibit platform creates a gap – in the form of a firewall – between the actual filesystem and the recovery solution. The Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) tool continuously takes native snapshots of your filesystem and keeps them in a safe location separate from your actual filesystem.

Hackers are tricked into thinking they’ve found the filesystem root and backup files, but in reality, you’re safe! Additionally, AirGap ensures that hackers targeting backup files do not obtain access in the first place, with multiple validations required to delete Protected System backups.

As an enhancement to your BDR solution, AirGap creates a protected environment that makes data destruction nearly impossible – whether from a ransomware attack or any other type of disaster. Most importantly, AirGap quickly recovers your Protected Systems in as few as 15 minutes. That near-instant recovery eliminates the stress, financial burden, and loss of business caused by downtime.

The benefits of AirGap for MSPs:

  1. Cost-effective: Significantly increase your BDR return on investment (ROI) by eliminating the risk of ransomware and potential ransom payments, loss of data, regulatory fines, downtime costs and damage to your business reputation.
  2. Preventative: Reduce accidental deletions and ransomware threats with multiple validations required to delete Protected System backups.
  3. Worry-free: Rest assured that no matter what, your data is safe with native snapshots of Protected Systems stored in a safe location, separate from your actual filesystem.
  4. Almost instant recovery: Quickly get back to business with one call to Axcient’s 24/7/365 Support Team, and your Protected Systems are restored.
  5. Choice and flexibility: What Replibit installation, storage environment, and restore process works best for your business?
    • Pre-installed on-site BDR appliance.
    • Build your own hardware using Axcient’s installation media.
    • Offsite replication of backups to Axcient Continuity Cloud.
    • Self-host to a private cloud.
    • Restore backups from either cloud.

If you’re ready to put ransomware fears in the past, learn more about Replibit AirGap today by signing up for our 14-Day Free Trial

About the Author: 
Adam Preeo // Director of Product Management, Axcient

As the Director of Product Management for Axcient, Adam Preeo leads his team to bridge the gap between product vision, strategy, MSPs, and technology.  He has over 10 years of experience managing channel driven, B2B SaaS products and brings simplicity and innovation to products built for MSPs. Adam has climbed all but one Colorado 14er. When he’s not focused on Axcient products and helping MSPs, Adam loves spending time with his family in the Colorado mountains.