Virtual Office

Mirror server and workstation disk images to a local appliance and in the cloud.

Automated Runbooks

A Runbook is a detailed deployment plan for a Virtual Office.


SecurityScorecard, an independent 3rd party, has scored the Axcient ecosystem of applications and the Axcient Cloud at an “A” rating.

Partner Experience

Axcient provides our MSP partner network the best software solutions and support.

When a natural disaster stops employees from getting to work, it can be catastrophic for that business and employee families. In 2017 40% of small businesses in FEMA designated disaster areas saw financial losses, and 65% from power or utilities.

And that’s a problem, because the U.S. Bureau of Labor says 93 percent of the companies that experience a significant data loss are out of business within five years, and 80 percent fail within a year.

It’s also likely that your client’s core competencies do not include engineering and managing a real-time cloud-based backup solution.

Your clients have a business to run. We can make sure it keeps running if the worst happens.

Axcient BRC

Axcient helps companies keep employees productive, IT systems running, and data always accessible.

Axcient BRC can not only easily recover a single server or desktop, but it can automate the recovery of an entire customer site through our Virtual Office and automated Runbook features. In a disaster event, authorized users can log into the web application or Remote Management Console and create a virtual private cloud called a Virtual Office. The Virtual Office ensures security, privacy and reliability for every organization needing to run one or more failover virtual machines in the Axcient Cloud. The Virtual Office is an on-demand replica in the Axcient Cloud of the protected on-premises environment. There are several options for accessing VMs running in a Virtual Office, including remote desktop and VPN. A Virtual Office can be stood up either manually or by utilizing Axcient’s built-in automation and orchestration features in the web Remote Management Console.

  • Recover files, folders, and databases
  • Recover MS Exchange servers, databases, and objects
  • Recover MS SQL Server databases and objects
  • Virtualize the entire off­ice in the cloud in minutes
  • Failover physical and virtual servers with a click
  • Easily migrate systems (P2V, V2V, V2P)
  • Recover any protected server by restoring to VMDK, VHD or BMR
  • Seamless integration with PSAs such as ConnectWise for ticketing and billing


To simplify the ease of recovery and failover in the event of a disaster, Axcient has created Runbooks to orchestrate and automate tasks. A Runbook is a detailed deployment plan for a Virtual Office. Runbooks can be implemented for any number of use cases, such as failing over an environment during an outage, running a short server test, or exercising a disaster recovery test plan. A Runbook can be configured to specify a specific order for starting VMs in the Virtual Office along with the allocation of compute resources for each VM. The Runbook also specifies network settings within the Virtual Office, such as assigning sets of VMs to particular subnets. Once a Runbook is configured and saved, it can be used to stand up an entire Virtual Office with a single click of a button.


A vendor is nothing without the health of their security program, cloud and infrastructure. SecurityScorecard, an independent 3rd party, has scored the Axcient ecosystem of applications and the Axcient Cloud at an “A” rating. This makes Axcient the highest scored business continuity solution in the industry. This scoring was attained through thorough testing of ten security risk factors which aff­ord visibility into the cyberhealth of the Axcient ecosystem. These ten risk factors are: network security, DNS health, patching cadence, endpoint security, IP reputation, application security, Cubit score, hacker chatter, information leakage, and social engineering. The Cubit score is an indicator of a security program’s maturity through implementation of best practices. “Hacker chatter” refers to information on the dark web that speaks to a past or existing compromise. The Axcient security team works around the clock to constantly test and improve both our application and cloud security.


Axcient works exclusively with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) so SMBs get the best service. MSPs provide a high touch managed service backed by a comprehensive SLA so SMBs don’t have to worry about IT or their data but can focus on their core business.

Axcient provides our MSP partner network the best software solutions and support. That support includes our Business Availability Portal for management of all Axcient products, billing, support tickets, and marketing information. In addition, Axcient works closely with our partners on product roadmap development and training, product support, and sales and marketing assistance.

Our support SLA is 24/7/365 with a less than 60-minute response time for critical issues. Our support organization works closely with product engineering to ensure fast response and resolution times. By providing MSPs the best partner experience, that in turn means SMBs get the data protection they need without the additional overhead or worry.

While other firms in Miami were shut out of their offices for a week, Walton’s office simply turned virtual and business was conducted as usual – no deadlines missed, no filings missed, no fines incurred!

– Vinod Hiranandani, WLSC Controller

WLSC chose to leverage Axcient BRC as their Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery provider over five years ago when they realized the importance of implementing a simple, yet reliable disaster recovery solution. It was not until the morning of September 10th, 2017 when Hurricane Irma made landfall in Miami, FL that they understood how important this decision was to the entirety of their business.