Migrating to x360Recover in 15 Minutes

MSP Guide:

Using Incremental Vault Recovery to Migrate to Axcient x360Recover

This eBook runs through the use cases and the process for using incremental vault recovery to significantly speed up the process of failback to an appliance for recovery or migration. This enhancement to standard vault recovery enables seamless manual incremental failback to an appliance with minimal downtime:
  • During cloud failover, MSPs can recover protected data on a vault and move it back to an appliance in multiple passes.
  • Until the final pass, D2C backups continue to run on the vault, so you maintain an uninterrupted set of backups while actively fixing the appliance and recovering cloud data.
  • When you’re ready, switch back to appliance mode to merge the cloud data and the final snapshot. Incremental vault recovery is available on x360Recover v.12.3.0 and higher via the x360Portal without any additional costs or fees.
Download the eBook and learn how fast and simple migrating to x360Recover is with incremental vault recovery.
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