Axcient Thin Client: Local File Access Without the Risk of Local Storage

Despite being one of the largest in the game, Microsoft has had some embarrassing security breaches. Most notably, 250 million customer records were exposed online without password protection. Today, data protection is security and that means your backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions have never been more important. Taking a layered, security-first approach to business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), Axcient is adding Thin Client for Windows to our secure file sync and share solution, x360Sync. With yet another layer of security, no local storage, and instant recovery, all of your files are always available for your clients – no matter what.

Exceptionally secure sync and share

Axcient x360Sync enables document sharing with coworkers for anytime access and collaboration. While free versions of file sync and share – like Google Docs and Dropbox – do not secure your files and data, x360Sync includes always-on, continuous backup and protection from data loss, ransomware, and natural or device disasters. Other critical capabilities include Microsoft 365 document editing, sophisticated file locking, in-depth auditing and alerting, flat-fee pooled storage, long-term retention, point-in-time restores, remote wipe, granular policy management, user and group permissions, and the industry’s first file server enablement.

Before Thin Client, x360Sync kept a local copy of your files in sync with the cloud. Users chose which files to store locally through selective sync, and which to keep cloud-only. The problem is, as data and file counts grow, the storage footprint to keep that data synced locally also grows – consuming an increasingly large amount of local storage. Meanwhile, user devices are shrinking in size and storage capacity for better mobility and battery uptime. Clients want the ability to access all of their files locally, without needing to fully download them onto a device selectively. Enter, Thin Client…

The skinny on x360Sync Thin Client

Enabling MSPs to become more cloud-native, while delivering the solutions necessary for today’s hybrid workplace, Thin Client provides Windows file access without consuming much local storage. Just like regular local files, clients can access all of their x360Sync cloud files within the local Windows file explorer. When a file opens locally, Thin Client automatically and instantly downloads the content from the cloud. As an added bonus, video playback is immediate. Watch any video, skip forward or back in real-time, without interruptions or having to wait to download the entire file.

As long as users have a network connection to the cloud, all file content is available for access and collaboration. For users needing offline access – such as field-based employees – local copies can be saved on any device by selecting “Always keep on this device”. When the user no longer needs offline access or is running low on space, just select “Free up space” to remove a file from the device. Furthermore, accessing content locally will automatically download and store a copy in the local cache, so it’s temporarily available for offline usage.

The benefits of slimming down with Thin Client

As a channel-only solutions provider, Axcient is giving Thin Client to MSPs for the benefit of your clients. “Enabling an increasingly mobile and remote workforce should not require the risk and expense of local storage,” says Ben Nowacky, SVP of Product at Axcient. “With Axcient x360Sync Thin Client, we can help MSPs deliver a better user experience, improve their clients’ security posture, offer disaster recovery capabilities, and help them control costs by removing the need for local storage. As the IT landscape continues to evolve, we are listening to what makes a difference to MSPs and investing in R&D to fuel our monthly software releases.”

  • Ensure instant file recovery – even from mobile devices – after ransomware and other malware attacks, accidental or malicious deletion, natural disasters, and lost or destroyed devices.
  • Eliminate risky local storage where files can be accessed across public Wi-Fi connections, via stolen devices, or lost completely on broken devices.
  • Reduce monthly costs for clients without requiring additional local storage.
  • Deliver uninterrupted business continuity because there’s no waiting for files to sync locally.
  • Create an additional layer of security with instant access to files from the cloud, rather than downloading and storing sensitive information on mobile devices and laptops.
  • Provide built-in theft protection with limited to no file storage on devices, and remote wipe capability.

Overall, x360Sync with Thin Client enhances one of the most regularly used and essential tools for clients. The solution is easy to use and manage, even for the most novice users, thereby increasing adoption and data protection. Designed for all of our changing work environments – hybrid, remote, work from home, work from anywhere – and fit to address the most common causes of data loss – human error and ransomware – x360Sync with Thin Client adds value to both you and your client’s businesses.

Axcient x360Sync partners have access to Thin Client as a free and included upgrade feature of your secure file sync and share solution. If you’d like to see x360Sync with Thin Client in action, Schedule a Free Demo or Start Your 14-Day Free Trial.

About the Author:
Matt Dugan // Senior Group Product Manager, Axcient

As the Senior Group Product Manager for Axcient, Matt Dugan leads the SaaS product group at Axcient that includes the X360 Portal, x360Sync, and x360Cloud products. Matt has been on the Axcient team for six years and has spent the last 10 working in data protection. When Matt isn’t helping MSPs, he loves to travel and immerse himself in different cultures.


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