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Axcient Product Overview

Axcient Product Overview

Axcient Business Recovery Cloud

The Axcient Product Overview shows you how Axcient helps companies keep employees productive, IT systems running, and data always accessible from anywhere at any time. We do this with our unique cloud technology that mirrors the company’s entire IT infrastructure in the cloud and gives you multiple recovery options from a single image-based snapshot of your systems.

Recover data, failover servers, or virtualize the entire office with a click from a single Web-enabled interface. Companies using Axcient experience a 60% reduction in overall costs related to data protection while improving their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to just minutes.

Local and Cloud-Based Recovery

  1. Recover files, folders, and databases
  2. Recover MS Exchange servers, databases, and objects
  3. Recover MS SQL Server databases and objects
  4. Restore full systems to dissimilar hardware via BMR
  5. Failover physical and virtual servers with a click
  6. Virtualize the entire office in the cloud in minutes
  7. Easily migrate systems (P2V, V2V, V2P)

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