Axcient x360Recover for Linux BCDR

Axcient x360Recover for Linux BCDR

As of October 2023, Axcient x360Recover supports the backup and recovery of Linux-protected systems. By expanding our protection surface, Axcient partners can provide the same comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) services they always have – but now, for Linux clients. Keep reading to learn what’s included, where to download, and how it can protect MSPs and your clients from endless recovery costs.

What does Axcient BCDR for Linux mean?

Axcient’s x360Recover agent for Linux is active on all devices. Now, Axcient partners and MSPs can use Chain-Free image-based backup to protect clients’ Linux servers.

Why is it x360Recover for Linux exciting?

Efficient stack consolidation is essential for MSPs to optimize BCDR services for profitability. Now that MSPs can also protect Linux environments on a standardized stack, you can further reduce management complexities, expensive labor requirements, and the negative consequences of vendor sprawl. Armed with a flexible, comprehensive, and user-friendly single solution, MSPs can streamline operations, accelerate reliable recovery, and reduce overhead for higher profitability.

46% of MSPs say their BCDR solutions are too complex and difficult to operate, and 33% say they can’t consolidate on a single BCDR platform because they can’t find one. – MSPs and BCDR Optimization: Growth in a Recession, Axcient and Channelnomics

Axcient makes it easy for MSPs to simplify BCDR without risking data security or removing any services for clients. We continue to add data protection capabilities and features so you don’t have to go a la carte and overwhelm your technicians with multiple processes and systems. Instead, you get a single sign-on, single pane of glass that makes BCDR management – regardless of the use case – a cinch.

Can one flexible BCDR meet all of your use cases?

Download 6 BCDR Must-Haves for Meeting Most Use Cases with 1 Solution to find out.

Why should MSPs protect Linux?

The same reason you protect everything else – to keep businesses running. If a disaster scenario does occur (and chances are, it will), if you don’t have Linux protection, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to recover.

After MGM Grand suffered a ransomware attack in September 2023, they had to hire Linux System Administrators to work 10-hour days, seven days a week, for $100/hour until they could build a net new IT environment. MGM’s online system was down for about ten days following the attack, which used basic social engineering via LinkedIn to encrypt sensitive financial and personal information.

Building the new system took about a month, costing MGM millions in recovery costs. Indirect damage to reputation, loss of business during the outage, reimbursements, lawyer fees, public relations, technicians, customer support, and so on – the actual cost may never be realized in hard numbers.

However, if MGM had the Linux support that x360Recover offers, recovery costs and downtime would have been cut significantly. If it could happen to the MGM Grand, it could certainly happen to an SMB.

“All ALPHV ransomware group did to compromise MGM Resorts was hop on LinkedIn, find an employee, then call the Help Desk,” vx-underground wrote on the X app. “A company valued at 33,900,000,000 was defeated by a 10-minute conversation.”

What Are the Key Features of x360Recover for Linux?

With x360Recover for Linux, MSPs can use the following tools to reinforce data security, customize client environments, and meet more use cases with a single solution.

  • GPT Basic Disks​
  • Single-volume LVM Disks​
  • MBR Basic Disks​
  • MBR LVM (Encryption)​
  • EFI Basic Disks​
  • EFI LVM (Encryption)​
  • Legacy 512-byte SectorDisks​
  • Advanced Format 4K Disks​
  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR)
  • Physical Machines
  • Virtual Machines
  • File and Folder Recovery

Are Linux appliance features available?

Yes! Linux appliance version 12.3.0 and newer currently includes the following capabilities:

  • Full image-based backups for appliances and Direct-to-Cloud deployments
  • Local Cache for Direct-to-Cloud
  • Analysis tool support
  • Agent orchestration for configuration management
  • File and folder recovery
  • BMR
  • Full image recovery via BMR
  • Support for XFS filesystems

What’s next for x360Recover for Linux?

As a 100% MSP-only solution provider, Axcient is committed to continually updating and upgrading solutions to meet the evolving needs of the channel. During 2024, we’re releasing the following new features:

  • Virtual Disk Exports
  • Virtualization
  • iSCSI Exports

How is Linux backup priced?

The Linux backup agent for x360Recover is for servers. If you back up a Linux workstation with the server, it will be billed as a server and priced the same as x360Recover.

Axcient partners pay a flat monthly fee per device or server with pooled storage included – so there’s no risk of surprise overages.

Where do I download the Linux agent for x360Recover?

As of October 1, 2023, Ubuntu and Debian servers are in GA and available for download in your x360 Portal.

RedHat and CentOS became available in release 3.4.0. This includes support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8 (including CentOS, Rocky, Alma, and Oracle).

See all protected system configurations for Linux currently supported by x360Recover.

Where can I learn more?

Axcient’s Linux for x360Recover Knowledgebase contains the following to keep you going.

About the Author: Leif Fortson// Senior Product Manager, Axcient

Leif Fortson is the senior product manager for Axcient x360Recover; he is responsible for driving the product roadmap and having a solid understanding of MSPs’ challenges and frustrations within their business. With over 15+ years of product management and IT experience in various sectors, he has led product teams in channel-driven SaaS products, from best-in-class professional service automation (PSA) to business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) products for MSPs.

Before Axcient, Leif worked in all facets of the system development life cycle (SDLC) with various roles and sectors that delivered superior solutions for ConnectWise, Coca-Cola, and Lazydays RV. Leif has an MBA with a focus in cybersecurity. In his personal life, he enjoys training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, working out, traveling, and trying out new restaurants.

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