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MSPs have so many options for backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services, vendors, and solutions that finding the right one is overwhelming and frustrating. Couple that with a migration – potentially a rip and replace – and it’s enough to forget the whole thing. While it may be easier to stick with the stack you have, a solution or vendor that doesn’t meet your security, support, and business needs puts your MSP and your clients at risk. Let’s look at the Axcient difference, and what it could mean to your MSP.

With various innovations in automation and usability now readily available, MSPs have the opportunity to evolve from BDR to comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR). But let’s be honest, at the end of the day, with so many similarities between products, it can be challenging for one to stand out. In this article, we’re making it easy for you to tell Axcient from the others.

Discover the Axcient difference using patented technology designed exclusively for MSPs by a 100% MSP-only solutions provider. (Those are some other differences you won’t find with the other guys .) Keep reading to see how your current solution stacks up, find out what you might be missing, and consider the benefits of making a change.

#1: We’re flexible, so you can solve most use cases with just one solution.

Why do we do it?

“One-trick-pony” solutions that only support one deployment infrastructure, service, compliance standard, or budget aren’t worth the return on investment. MSPs lose profits due to the amount of management these disparate solutions demand for access, maintenance, marketing and sales, support, and disaster recovery.

How do we do it?

The unified x360 Platform backs up and protects all client data across devices, servers, and the public cloud to ensure rapid and complete disaster recovery from an appliance or the cloud. Rather than juggling multiple vendors, MSPs can confidently consolidate with worry-free dependability to streamline vendor management and drive profits. With just three BCDR solutions, one channel-only vendor, and a single-sign-on platform, MSPs get the efficiency necessary to both serve clients and expand their business without draining resources.

  1. x360Recover: An all-in-one solution that gives MSPs appliance-based and Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) deployments – including cloud backup of servers and VMS of any size – while also protecting Microsoft Azure Fulfill nearly all BCDR use cases with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC), promise an RPO of 15 minutes and an RTO of less than 1 hour, and ultimately, do more with less.
  2. x360Cloud: Secures productivity suite data in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to deliver true business continuity using automatic backup, SmartSearch rapid and full-text search (search more than 100 million objects in less than 5 seconds), granular and mass restores, and immutable audit logs. Avoid complete downtime during a public cloud outage with 99.999% durability and availability and a 99.99% backup SLA with at least three backups a day.
  3. x360Sync: Backs up and protects cloud-enabled file servers for safe data access, sharing, and collaboration in a brandable, business-grade file sync and share solution. Immediately recover from ransomware and other cyberattacks with Snapshot point-in-time restores of infected content – including deleted, recreated, or changed content. It’s like pushing the rewind button on an otherwise devastating attack.

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42% of MSPs are considering replacing and consolidating their existing BCDR with better, more efficient systems…”

#2: We’re frictionless, so you can focus on literally anything else.

Why do we do it?

Unnecessary complexity is frustrating, especially in redundant, run-of-the-mill tasks that distract highly paid and valued team members away from their responsibilities. The cost of inefficiency due to time-consuming multi-step processes, error-prone systems, or poor support is unacceptable for any business to pay. MSPs should be protecting data, not navigating complicated vendor demands.

How do we do it?

Axcient is exclusively dedicated to MSPs in the channel, so product development doesn’t stop at backing up, storing, protecting, and recovering data. As an invested extension of our MSP partners, the x360 Portal is designed to enable MSPs beyond BCDR. We’ve removed the annoying barriers and requirements typically seen by solution providers, so you’re not wasting resources on vendors. Within our frictionless environment, MSPs can do what they would expect to be able to do, including…

#3: We’re cost-efficient, so you can save money every month.

Why do we do it?

Because we can without compromising data protection – so why wouldn’t we?

How do we do it?

Comprehensive BCDR doesn’t have to break the bank. Many vendors unnecessarily charge for things that don’t make sense, like expensive device upgrades and pooled storage. Axcient supports a variety of different use cases, client desires, and budgets with one solution using propriety technology, automation, and MSP-specific innovation. Here’s how we’re helping MSP save:

Chain-Free backup technology ends the time-wasting pains of managing chains. We developed this proprietary technology to eliminate legacy chain-based backup risks, limitations, and requirements. The x360 Platform, including all x360 solutions, is the only chain-free unified platform where MSPs can protect all client data.

Axcient x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) is the cloud-based deployment option included in x360Recover. It directly backs up all remote endpoints, desktops, servers, workstations, and Azure data to the secure Axcient Cloud, your private cloud, or the public cloud without any pricey appliances. Without an appliance, MSPs can get rid of the high recurring costs and complexities that come with on-site visits, ongoing maintenance, unexpected failures, and stressful limitations. In fact, Axcient can save MSPs up to half of the cost of what you are currently paying. Switching to x360Recover D2C enables a 60% savings on BDR appliance costs and 50% in total savings.

Local Cache is a feature within x360Recover D2C that significantly accelerates cloud recovery times with fewer resources. MSPs who want to stop using or deprioritize on-prem storage and directly back up servers and workstations to the cloud can pair D2C with an inexpensive local USB or NAS device. Recover files, folders, or an entire protected system with the ease and affordability of cloud-based BDR and the speed of local backup – without the costs of an on-site appliance.

Automated built-in features reduce the time and energy technicians have to spend performing manual backup and disaster recovery tasks. AutoVerify and Virtual Office ensure backups are bootable and recovery is immediate with nightly integrity testing and proactively configured, automated runbooks. To support MSPs during long equipment lag times and power outages, Axcient partners can run clients in the Virtual Office for 30 days each year at no cost.

BYOD policies and simple pricing increased this MSP’s monthly revenue by $12,000. After Tampa Bay Tech Solutions repurposed its expensive Datto equipment at Axcient, it expanded BCDR services without adding management costs, upgraded client security without increasing prices, and the health status of its backups is 99% better. Todd Maddex, President of Tampa Bay Tech Solutions, says, “I’m making six figures more than I was last year on backup savings alone. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t move to Axcient.”

Reduced labor requirements and fewer support tickets also saved this MSP $12,000 every month. Since Cygnus Systems moved from Datto to Axcient, its total costs are down 50% due to a 70% decrease in tickets and at least a 50% reduction in labor costs. Yes, we also think it’s weird that two MSPs are saving the same amount since making the same move, but we can’t argue with those savings!

Scott Kube, VP of Sales and Marketing at Cygnus Systems, says, “The numbers speak for themselves, which goes straight to gross profit. … It’s pretty phenomenal what we’ve been able to achieve with Axcient in terms of lowering the cost of the solution itself and reducing the amount of time our engineers have to spend on tickets.”

“…40% of MSPs are looking for BCDR systems that have a lower total cost of ownership to reduce pressure on their labor expenses.”

#4: We’re simple, so you can do more.

Why do we do it?

For MSPs to act quickly and deliberately during disaster recovery, your technicians must have mastered the solution, insights and reporting must be accurate, and the management platform must be straightforward. Juggling various BDR products leads to confusion and downtime while threatening SLAs, client relationships, your reputation, and your bottom line.

How do we do it?

One simple, unified hub for all solutions and support services. With single sign-on access to the x360 Portal, MSPs are just one click away from…

All on just one platform with one vendor. That’s it.

33% of MSPs say they can’t consolidate on a single BCDR platform because they can’t find one that meets their needs or are unaware of their options.”

Are You Ready to Experience the Axcient Difference?

Now that you know what else Axcient can do, see how we stand up against your current solution. Discover the benefits of a flexible, frictionless, cost-efficient, and simple BCDR solution. Schedule a 1:1 demo or Start a free 14-day trial – remember, it’s easy to do, and there is no obligation!


About the Author: Carissa Johnson // Product Marketing Manager, Axcient

Carissa Kohn Johnson AxcientCarissa Kohn-Johnson has a background in healthcare technology and information technology, and is now the Product Marketing Manager for Axcient. She has a lot of MSP Channel experience from planning and attending hundreds of conferences and tradeshows, and found her passion in IT. Carissa is also an elected official in Cary NC, a town chock full of technology-forward people. Connect with her on LinkedIn – perhaps you can contribute to the Axcient blog?

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